Woman’s waking nightmare as two cars crash into her house weeks apart

The damage to the house after the last accident

The owner, who does not want to be named, was sleeping on her couch on Sunday evening when a car slammed into her property just 10 inches from where she was lying.

The house, in Stableford near Bridgnorth, is on the B4176 – commonly known as ‘Rabbit Run’ – a popular suburban road between Dudley and Telford.

The dramatic awakening was a nightmare come true for the resident, who had been worried about it since another car crashed into the garden less than two weeks before.

The damage

She said: “You have the worry all the time that someone is going to hit the house. But it’s not just something I have to worry about anymore, it’s now a reality.

“I keep having panic attacks, I’m in real pain. You should be able to feel safe at home, but I can’t even get into the living room.

“The damage will be repaired, it will be sorted, but it will take me longer to understand how I feel. I don’t know how to stop thinking about it.”

Police were called to the scene on Sunday August 14 around 11:45 p.m.

Now she is advocating for restrictions to be put in place before it happens again.

“The road is not wide enough, it is not designed for large vehicles. The cars use the straight road to overtake but it is not wide enough, there are a few centimeters between the mirrors.

“They just have to lose control for a second and that’s it, they’re in our house.”

She hopes her experience will encourage the council to impose a speed limit and double white lines to prevent cars from overtaking.

The damage caused by the accident is still evident

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