Winsing launches new line of ‘Gogo Bus’ toys in their summer rollout

The Winsing 2022 Summer New Product Rollout Conference was held virtually on July 8. Over 3,000 toy distributors and licensees from all over China participated via the live stream, which garnered over 17,000 likes.

Since launching a series of TV programs through more than 100 TV channels and online platforms across China and even Asian territories, requests for GoGo-Bus transform toy vehicles grew up. The products have been very popular on physical sites and e-commerce platforms in the Asian market, including China, South Korea, Vietnam, Israel and Indonesia. This time, Winsing launched three new series of toys with unique features in this summer edition.

The two-in-one combination robot series is one of the major new products of this conference. Transforming and combining are its main features. Different vehicles can transform into mecha and combine with each other into a unique robot.

Based on GoGo-Bus seasons nine and 10, the mini-adventure trail series features the scenes from the animation. Each scene can be played as one track and all scenes can be assembled into one large looped track. Take your mini Gordon on an amazing adventure!

The Magnetic Transformation Cube Series has added magnetic functionality to the transformation function. The appearance of the product is designed based on different animal images in the animation such as lion, chameleon, bird, rabbit and bull. Trigger the magnetic cubes with GoGo-Bus vehicles, and transform them into different animals.

Also, another popular animation program, GG Bond, also launched a new series of runners. High-tech runners with detachable accessories give you a cool experience of upgrading your own runner. You can manually upgrade and transform the racer looking for super speed.

The new toy lines are closely related to the series of GoGo-Bus seasons nine and 10 and Races seasons five and six. As one of the most popular preschool animation programs in China and named Young Property of the Year 2021 by Lima China, GoGo-Bus has been engaged in toy product development for many years. They are expected to arrive in more territories, including Target and other major retailers in Asia in Q4 2022. Additional retail programs are being developed for other regions, including Europe and America. North and South America.

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Raymond I. Langston