Warner Bros.’ Free-to-play ‘MultiVersus’ enters open beta on July 26 – Here’s how to sign up

Players, get ready for this Warner Bros. game. !

Warner Bros. announced that a free open beta of Multiversethe next free-to-play crossover fighting game, will launch on July 26, according to Polygon. This upcoming game from developer Player First Games will be available to all players.

The open beta of MultiVersus will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and Windows PC. It has cross-play and cross-progression support on all platforms.

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Here’s how to join ‘MultiVersus’

Game director Tony Huynh, in a video announcement, disclosed that players who participated in the game’s closed alpha testing will be guaranteed early access to the open beta on July 19, as per PC Gamer report.

These players will receive a code via email that they can redeem on the platform of their choice.

If you’re new to the game, you can get early access to the open beta by linking your WB Games account to your Twitch account. Enter for a chance to win an early access code by watching streamers on Twitch.

When the game was first revealed last year, MultiVersus left the whole impression. It is a platform fighting game resembling Super Smash Bros. UltimatePlayStation All Star Battle Royaleand Nickelodeon star brawl.

‘MultiVersus’ has an extensive roster of characters

The game features a huge roster of characters including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn from the DC Universe. You can also play Shaggy from Scooby-Doo, Bugs Bunny and Arya Stark from Game of Thrones

Additionally, included in the roster of characters are Tom and Jerry, Finn the Human and Jake the Dog from Adventure Time as well as Steven Universe and Garnet.

Expect more characters to join the game soon. Rick and Morty’s participation will likely be announced in the future as they already appear in the website’s copyright text.

Additionally, several familiar voice actors reprising their most famous roles will be featured in MultiVersus. Kevin Conroy will be part of the game as Batman and Maisie Williams as well as Arya Stark.

According to Player First Games, MultiVersus will launch with “dedicated server-based restoration netcode and content-filled seasons,” according to the Polygon report.

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Seasonal Updates, Battle Pass and More Coming Soon to “MultiVersus”

online modes of MultiVersus will be available. It will feature 1v1, team 2v2 and a 4-player free-for-all.

PCGamer says in its report that it hopes to have one of these Smash Bros. story modes. who has an “insane plot”.

Players can expect seasonal updates, a battle pass, quests, and all the other banes of live service games soon.

According to PCGamer’s Tyler Colp, who played MultiVersus, he was surprised how much he enjoyed playing the game.

MultiVersus kinda hooked me like Surveillance circa 2016 made like a game that seems like a simple brawler but ends up looking much more like Chess“, wrote Colp.

He also noted that the multiversal character roster is exceptionally creative. He particularly noted Tom and Jerry, who are “a two-in-one duo like Smash’s Ice Climbers”.

Warner Bros. has not yet announced the release date of the full version of MultiVersus.

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