Vandals target ‘Russia House’ restaurant in Washington, DC

WASHINGTON (WJLA) – Vandals targeted a Russian-themed restaurant in Washington DC

The restaurant’s name has made it a target since Russia invaded Ukraine, although the owner said he was not Russian and had no connection to the Russian government.

Vandals targeted The Russia House restaurant and lounge over the weekend, smashing at least two windows with a brick.

They also placed signs outside the building. One of them read “House of Murderers”. Another had pro-Ukrainian writing.

Amina Odzackic was visiting DC and rented an Airbnb above the restaurant

“If they’re not Russian first of all, or if they’re Russian and don’t support the invasion, I feel really bad for them,” she said.

The owner called the police on Sunday and a report was made. No arrests have yet been made.

The Russia House restaurant was temporarily closed, not because of the Russian-Ukrainian war, but because of COVID, according to its website.

Odzackic, who coincidentally comes from Eastern Europe, plans to leave Airbnb on Wednesday. She hopes the rest of her stay in DC will be uneventful.

“I hope people have kind of vented their frustrations already and realize that maybe this isn’t the right place to target,” she said.

The owner pulled down a Russian flag that flew next to the American flag, hoping to spare the restaurant another attack.

Police are investigating the incidents as possible hate crimes.

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