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TULSA, Okla. – A Union High School and OU graduate did more than worry about the fate of the friends he made while working in Ukraine in 2018-2019.

He actually traveled to the country to set up a shelter for those who found themselves displaced after Russian President Vladimir Putin launched an invasion last month.

“Imagine your city going from your city to a war zone overnight,” said Steven Moore.

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Moore, who has worked in conflict zones before, found himself trying to explain to his friends what to do from his mother’s house in Bixby.

He quickly realized that it wouldn’t work.

“I kissed my mother goodbye, got on a plane and on day 5 of the war, I crossed Ukraine and took up residence in a small Ukrainian town,” he said.

Since that fateful day, he says he has helped around 70 people, including children and pets.

“I provided a safe place for people while they were making the decision to cross the border or stay as a family unit here in Ukraine,” Moore explained.

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His four-bedroom apartment ended up accommodating 32 people:

“One night we had about 28 adults, several children, two dogs, a cat and a rabbit,” he said.

He launched a fundraising campaign through a 5013c to rent a children’s camp for those displaced by the invasion.

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“The children’s camp can accommodate around 100 people, so we would like to make it a sanctuary for people who have become homeless due to war,” he said.

If you would like to help her in her efforts, click here for more information on the Ukraine Freedom Project.

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