Top 5 Best Foods For Breeder Villagers In The Game

In Minecraft, players must collect items without being killed. Villagers are part of the mob with the help of which players can get what they want. Getting items organically is difficult, so it’s always best to get them by farming villagers. There is a way to manipulate this stat to control when you want them to spawn. And it is by giving them specific foods that they need to reproduce. Our Minecraft guide will tell you which one foodstuffs offer the greatest increase in their statistic of willpower to hasten villager raising.

The 5 Best Foods For Breeding Villagers In Minecraft

1. Carrot

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Carrots are easy to grow, planting one produces four carrots. They are present last in the list because they are quite useful otherwise. Having an excess of Carrots in inventory can come in handy as it’s also great for trading with farmers in exchange for 22 carrotsthey give a emerald, which is a good deal. Rabbits are difficult to catch and excess carrots can also be used to catch them.

2. Beetroot

Minecraft Beet
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These are obtained from the village crop plot. These are not only useful for farming, but can also be used for trading with villagers. 15 beets can be exchanged for a emerald. To obtain beets, one can build a cultivation farm away from the farmers, so that they do not harvest it when ripe. This culture is neglected but is very useful.

3. Bread

Minecraft Bread Farming Villagers
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Wheat is the easiest crop to grow in Minecraft and therefore acquires its seeds. But the downside is that the villagers won’t take wheat. You must turn wheat into bread, to raise them. A loaf can be made from 3 wheat. It can be a primary food source to keep hunger points and health bar full. Bread is also the least necessary food. three pieces of bread are enough to trigger villagers’ will to spawn when you would need more other items to attract them. Bread is the easiest to manage among all other foods.

4. Potato

Minecraft Potato
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12 potatoes are needed to trigger the need to breed with another villager. It is a food more available and have a 20% chance appear on a village farm. But they are on the whole a weak food unless they are cooked. When cooked, they become one of the best in the game. But otherwise, they don’t add much to hunger points.

5. Sweet Berries

Sweet Berry Minecraft
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sweet berries are a good source of food in Minecraft. But they are used to raise foxes or for set traps. Therefore, sweet berries can be given to foxes to breed them. A baby fox raised by a player trusts him and does not run away. Berries don’t even add much to hunger points. All in all not a wise choice.

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