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WWE fan speculation has come true. Considered the White Rabbit, Bray Wyatt made his return to Extreme Rules 2022 amid massive cheers from the Philadelphia crowd. He last appeared in a Firefly Fun House segment in April 2021.

The Firefly Fun House was one of the most iconic shows in modern wrestling. It portrayed Wyatt’s fun character while subtly teasing The Fiend’s character involvement. The segments also featured signature metaphorical moments in a subtly dark and cryptic way.

Besides Bray Wyatt, the Firefly Fun House segment consists of five other characters with unique stories involving their master. These included Abby the Witch, Ramblin’ Rabbit, The Boss, Mercy the Buzzard, and Huskus the Pig. WWE’s creation was initially live versions of each puppet, but the idea was scrapped.

Nevertheless, toys have a hidden meaning behind them. Abby the Witch is a clue to Sister Abigail, a fictional character created by Wyatt. Abby has a nun-like appearance which is related to Abigail. Also note the amazing similarity of the two names.

Bray Wyatt has repeatedly referred to Sister Abigail as his “savior” in his promos. In 2015, he hinted that he would be nothing without her as she was the source of his supernatural powers.

The relationship between Wyatt and Sister Abigail is unclear, but the latter takes precedence. The “Devil’s Spawn” was able to summon a “7-foot creature with pale eyes and horns” (Satan) whenever Bray misbehaved. Abigail apparently died when Randy Orton burned down the Wyatt family cabin.

The Ramblin’ Rabbit is a photo from Bray Wyatt’s long and confusing promos as The Eater of Worlds. It also serves as a symbol for the character of The Fiend. No matter how many times he died, the rabbit always reincarnated.

Although he won’t appear at WWE Extreme Rules 2022, “The Boss” was a play on Vince McMahon. His selfish and authoritarian temperament suited the personality of the former president.

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Bray Wyatt often talked about “following the buzzards”, so having a buzzard toy was only natural. However, the name Mercy was inspired by WWF Superstar Waylon Mercy (Dan Spivey). The Max Cady-based character from the movie Cape Fear is Wyatt’s tribute to his close friend.

This brings us to the final puppet in the Firefly Fun House. Huskus the Pig is a depiction of Bray Wyatt’s old gimmick in NXT. Husky Harris debuted in 2010 with Cody Rhodes as a pro, with the puppet’s portrayal seeming to indicate he was constantly being told to lose weight.

Who could Bray Wyatt target after returning to WWE?

Now that Bray Wyatt is back, he could get into the world title picture against Roman Reigns. He still has unfinished business with The Tribal Chief, having already lost his Universal Championship to him.

Wyatt will also be a major babyface in the coming weeks, as highlighted by the pop he received from the crowd.

An interesting fan theory suggests that Karrion Kross, Scarlett, and Dexter Lumis were sent to WWE by the Fiend himself. They are real-life versions of the puppets, paving the way for their master to challenge the head of the table. WWE could play this because the superstars have traits resembling those of the toys in the Firefly Fun House.

A caption pointed out the problem with the White Rabbit storyline here

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