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One of the most fun and rewarding parts of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is building relationships with the many villagers in the game. There are 397 villagers available, and each of them has its own house design. Although there are eight different personality categories in ACNH, each villager has interests, styles and aesthetics that make them unique. Nowhere in Animal crossing can the villagers show their individuality more than in the interior design of their house.

Every home exterior and interior in ACNH is unique to its villager. However, the interior of the same villager’s house may be different from other iterations depending on the island. For example, the first five villagers who move into each New Horizons island will have default home interiors that reflect their general personality type. Items offered to the villager throughout Animal crossing will also be displayed in their home. The interiors of the houses are constantly evolving as the villagers redecorate from day to day.

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Although it is interesting to visit the houses of the villagers in ACNH to see how they live their personal lives, the houses themselves are full of details about the villagers. New Horizons’ the houses are inspired by the looks, personality type, hobbies and preferences of a villager, making each house a new experience. Those Animal crossing The interiors of the villagers are some of the cutest in the game.

Interior of the ACNH village marshal’s New Horizons house

Animal Crossing: Inside New Horizons ACNH Marshal's Cutest House

The marshal has long been a ACNH favorite villager because of his marshmallow-shaped design and sassy demeanor. However, the interior of this smug squirrel villager could be just as cute as him. Marshal New Horizons the house is a private cafe. Several iron items are used to create a comfortable environment for enjoying a morning coffee or afternoon tea. The delicate floral blue wallpaper blends perfectly with the dark wood used throughout the design. Additionally, there is an upright piano in the northwest corner, which Marshal will certainly appreciate since he has the musical hobby.

Interior of the New Horizons house of Animal Crossing Villager Aurora

Animal Crossing: Inside New Horizons' Cutest Home ACNH Aurora

Aurora has been in every Animal crossing game in the series so far, and the interior of her home has changed dramatically since her first appearance. In New Horizons, she chose a fixed theme for her interior with a few Zodiac conversation pieces. Of course, an Ice Palace is perfect for Aurora as a normal penguin villager. However, the astrological elements are more personal to him as an individual. Aurora’s name is probably a reference to the Northern Lights, or Northern Lights. Ballot boxes are the perfect touch since her birthday falls during the Aquarius season on January 27.

Interior of the New Horizons house of Celia, a villager from Animal Crossing

Celia is a normal eagle villager in ACNH. She has the hobby of nature, which is evident on the botanical wallpaper, plants, and the lily record player. There are also several items from the rattan furniture collection in his house, such as the bed, vanity, cabinet and tables.

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Celia’s house is predominantly white, but there are pops of green throughout its design, reflecting its own feathers. Overall, Celia the house is clean, natural and one of the most charming villager interiors in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Interior of the ACNH house of the villager Frita

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Frita's Cutest Townhouse Interiors

Frita has a burger-like head and wool that looks like a side of fries, which makes her own design quite cute. Naturally, the interior of Frita’s ACNH the house has snacks and drinks available on hand. This village sheep frat house is a time machine for a classic 1950s restaurant. The interior is decorated with a pink dining room wall and floral flooring. There are dining furniture throughout the house, including the colorful neon sign and jukebox. Frita once had homes with fast food themes Animal crossing entrances, but the 1950s aesthetic makes this version special.

Villager Drago’s Cute Animal Crossing: New Horizons House Interior

Animal Crossing: the cutest house in New Horizons ACNH Drago

Draco has several characteristics of a dragon, so it’s no surprise that the interior and exterior of his house both have oriental style influences. However, it’s Draco ACNH interior that makes his house so unique. Almost all of the furniture is from the Imperial collection, with red and black as the primary colors. The symmetry between the two Animal crossing cherry blossom branches, dining chests and lanterns make the perfect backdrop for Drago’s dining table, where he surely often eats like a lazy villager.

Interior of the New Horizons house of ACNH villager Axel

Animal Crossing: the cutest house in New Horizons ACNH Axel

Axel is an elephant jock villager in ACNH which definitely has a favorite color. Not only is the playroom wall and simple floor blue, but so is most of the furniture. Axel’s adorable house is full of toys and games, including a ping-pong table.

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There are various modes of transport represented in its interior, such as a rocket, a racing car, airplanes and boats. The bookshelf, stereo, and bench of the glowing wood block set further enhance the kidcore aesthetic. Axel’s bright house is the perfect place to cheer up the spirits of players who may be struggling a little.

Villager Maddie’s Cute Animal Crossing: New Horizons House Interior

Animal Crossing: the cutest house in New Horizons ACNH Maddie

Maddie’s ACNH village house brings the great outdoors inside. The meadow-themed wallpaper and flooring create relaxing panoramic views to be enjoyed. There is a lovely picnic set up for visitors with a soup kettle, picnic sets, and drink coolers. Perhaps due to her play hobby, this lively doggy villager has set up a board game and a mountain bike ready at the door. Maddie’s New Horizons the house is the perfect place to hide and spend time with friends.

Cute interior of Villager Doc’s New Horizons house

Animal Crossing: the cutest house in New Horizons ACNH Doc

Doc’s educational hobby is fully on display in his Animal crossing home design. There are shelves lining the interior with a large desk and chair on the west wall. This lazy bunny villager clearly enjoys learning science, and maybe conducting experiments, with his lab set and skeleton. In reality, ACNH‘s Doc is so dedicated to his studies that he even has a periodic table study poster in his bathroom. This house is surely the cutest place of study of all the islands.

Villager Pietro’s Cute Animal Crossing: New Horizons House Interior

Animal Crossing: the cutest house in New Horizons ACNH Pietro

Pietro is a sufficient sheep villager of ACNH. Her design strongly resembles a colorful clown, so it’s no surprise that the interior of her home is quite exciting as well. The sky wall, cloudy ground, and yellow crescent moon chairs create the illusion that her house is high above the island. Going hand in hand with Pietro’s carnival aesthetic, there are two colorful wheels and a cotton candy stand. It all comes together to create an eccentric, yet adorable abode. All of these home interior designs celebrate what makes Animal Crossing: New Horizon villager unique to the game.

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