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Which Angry Birds plush is the best?

During the 2010s, Angry Birds grew from obscure iOS games to become a mainstream media franchise. Although the game is less popular today than it was in its heyday, it still continues to be a popular symbol for children and adults alike. Now you can have your very own Angry Birds plush toys.

If you need help deciding which to get, our top pick is the Johnny’s Toys Angry Birds 7-Inch Plush Character Head.

What to know before buying an Angry Birds plush

The media franchise

Before Angry Birds became the media giant it is today, it started out as a simple iOS game from Roivio Entertainment, where you had to catapult birds into destructible structures and smack green piggies. The game’s comedic style, engaging gameplay and affordable price added up to make it a runaway success and set the template for other casual games on mobile devices. The game has spawned several sequel games, spinoffs, movies, TV shows, merchandise, and even theme park attractions.


The outer layer materials should be vibrant yet soft and smooth enough to be touched and hugged. The stuffing should be light but effective to give the plush a thick, fully padded look. The fill is usually polyfill.


Soft toys should be washed differently than most other fabrics. Always read the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning. As a general rule, they recommend cleaning surface stains only, using a cloth, soap and water. If you must use the washer and dryer, use only the cool and light settings. The use of hot water and air can melt the glue used or ruin the integrity of the materials. For added safety, place the plush in a pillowcase tied at the top before adding it to the washing machine.

What to Look for in a Quality Angry Birds Plush

Precise designs

One of the biggest selling points of Angry Birds is its colorful and whimsical art style. Birds and pigs are cartoon characters with lots of personality. There are a few third-party manufacturers who have managed to emulate the style, but nothing beats officially licensed toys. They get the right shades, proportions, and overall decent designs that look like the characters featured in the games and movies.

Soft materials

Plush toys are meant for sleeping, snuggling, or decorating sofas. They are supposed to be soft enough to touch and lay down. Find stuffed animals that use the best materials. For stuffing, this involves cotton-like stuffing, such as polyester stuffing; for the outer layer, it should be a plush material such as velboa fabric.


Children and dogs tend to play with plush toys in ways that can sometimes damage the toy. A common result is when attached items, such as eyes or ears, detach, which could cause someone to accidentally swallow the part. By having sewn features, you can completely avoid this problem.


Large plush is not essential, but they can be more comfortable pillows or more visible decorations. If possible, check the size of the plush. Sometimes the description page doesn’t include this information, so do some additional research or read the reviews.

How much you can expect to spend on an Angry Birds plush

Angry Birds plush toys can be as cheap as $7 for something small and simple. They can go up to $20 for rarer bird species stuffed animals.

Angry Birds Plush FAQ

How many different Angry Birds are there?

A. In terms of games, there are 25 core games, not including spinoffs, web apps, and canceled games. In terms of species in the games, there are 20 different main birds and dozens of other games, but there are four main birds that most people are familiar with.

Who makes officially licensed Angry Birds toys?

A. The main manufacturer of Angry Birds plush toys is Jazwares, a subsidiary of Alleghany Capital Corporation, headquartered in Sunrise, Florida. The company has also made toys for the Star Wars, Marvel and Disney franchises.

What’s the best Angry Birds plush to buy?

Best Angry Birds Plush

Johnny’s Toys Angry Birds 7″ Plush Character Head

What do you want to know: This plush is officially licensed and big enough to cuddle.

What you will love: This plush features great accuracy and detail.

What you should consider: There is no information on the materials used for the padding or the outer layer.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Best Angry Birds Plush Toy for the Money

Angry Birds red plush pack

What do you want to know: It’s a great value with two plush toys: a keychain and a 4-inch plush.

What you will love: If your recipient is a fan of the film, they will be impressed with the overall precision of the design of these plush toys.

What you should consider: The plush toy is rather small at only 4 inches.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Star Wars Angry Birds Plush Backpack Clip

Star Wars Angry Birds Plush Backpack Clip

What do you want to know: This is another officially licensed plush toy, but this time you can also satisfy your inner Star Wars fan.

What you will love: This plush features great accuracy and detail, and is safe for all ages as long as it’s not attached to the clip.

What you should consider: It is clean only.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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