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As babies grow, their sense of curiosity also increases. They begin to touch and feel different objects, trying to interpret them using their senses.

According to this article published on the website of the National Childbirth Trust, the UK’s largest parenting charity, “As your baby grows he will be able to respond to you more and will also start to become curious. of the world around him”. Baby’s play will become more sensory as they touch, hit and grab objects. He will also develop emotionally and you will see his recreational activities become more imaginative.

To boost your baby’s development, you need to make sure you provide them with appropriate baby toys at this early stage of learning. These include sensory toys, activity cubes, soft toys, shape sorters, and more.

If you don’t know where to start and which toys to choose, don’t worry! We’ve identified some of the best baby toys available and tested them to come to some important conclusions.

Check out these best baby toys

    Jellycat Bash Grab Bunny Activity Toy in Beige

The best stuffed animals for babies

Jellycat Bash Grab Bunny Activity Toy

Lamaze Freddie The Firefly with Clip

Best sensory toy for baby

LAMAZE Freddie the firefly

Baby Activity Gym Set

Best gym for newborns

Ingenuity Cozy Spot Reversible Activity Gym

bright yellow and green rattles

Best Top Rated Baby Rattles

Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Roll Maracas

Top Features To Look For In Baby Toys

When shopping for baby toys for newborns up to six months, you should look for ones that promote development and engagement. Here are some of the most baby-friendly features, according to BabyCentre.

  • Sound: Before your baby’s sight is fully developed, he uses sound to identify where an object is. Musical toys like rattles, music boxes and instruments are not only pleasing to their ears, but also aid in their sensory development.

  • Vivid Colors and Vibrant Patterns: Babies are fascinated by bright colors and high contrast patterns as their eyesight develops. Black, white and red toys in particular can help your baby differentiate between different patterns and shapes.

  • Tactile toys: Toys that are made of different textures ranging from soft to rough, and even rough, materials are great for stimulating your baby’s sense of touch. A cloth book is one such option.

Best toys for newborns up to 6 months

Choosing baby toys that help your baby’s development and successfully hold their interest is not an easy task. Here we have our top picks for babies up to 6 months to help with their early learning and development.

The best stuffed animals for babies


  • Suitable from: Birth

  • Height: 18cm

  • Beige

Babies love soft toys because of their texture and the comfort they provide. We have just the plush for your little one. The Jellycat Bash Grab Bunny activity toy is specially designed with an opening your baby can hold to help improve motor skills.

Available in a warm beige colour, this rabbit-shaped soft toy is perfect for cozy cuddles. The Jellycat Bash Grab Bunny activity toy is available on John Lewis for just £13.00.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • All in one – plush, sensory toy, teether

  • Versatile – can be attached to any pram or bed

  • Entertains your baby and contributes to his development

If you’re looking for a sensory toy to enhance your baby’s development, we’ve got the one for you. The LAMAZE Freddie The Firefly – Clip on Pram and Pushchair Newborn Baby Toy offers an all-in-one sensory experience like no other. It is an ideal plush to cuddle and learn.

Freddie The Firefly features different fabrics in high contrast patterns and textures to help develop your little one’s sense of touch. It also has a discovery mirror and a squeaker to keep them entertained. This amazing sensory toy comes with a sliding teether to calm your baby in times of discomfort.

Best gym for newborns

Babies need a safe space to play and be active. If you’re worried about your little one bumping into furniture and hurting themselves, we think we might have the perfect toy for you. The Ingenuity Cozy Spot Reversible Gym is a safe haven for babies.

Featuring a reversible and comfy down play mat in a stylish design, six removable activity toys and SlimFold wooden toy bars for easy folding, this gym provides a safe and engaging environment for your baby can relax and play.

Best Top Rated Baby Rattles

A baby’s motor skills develop as they get older and what better way to hone those skills and their sensory abilities than with a rattle toy? Fisher-Price Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas are a feast for your baby’s eyes and ears.

These maracas are the perfect size for babies to easily grasp and wave. The bottoms are made with soft pom poms to help reinforce their grip and the beads inside are colorful and eye-catching. They make babies happy.

Best Portable Baby Activity Toy


  • Suitable from: Birth

  • BPA-free

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Entertain your child outdoors

  • Also acts as a teether

  • Can be clipped onto any pram or baby chair

Babies need to be entertained on the go, and a portable toy is just the thing. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Activity Toy will amuse and engage your baby while you’re on the go. The musical toy plays “You Are My Sunshine” squeaks and rattles, and can also be used as a plush. It is made of fabrics of different textures, which also allows it to act as a teether.

Best Baby Book for Infants and Up

Education is as vital to a baby as playtime and as they begin to move beyond the baby phase, cloth books are the perfect way to channel your child’s interest in reading. ToBe’s ReadyForLife Premium Soft Baby Book is a best seller in the US and now in the UK.

Composed of colorful pages featuring fabrics of different textures, this book helps increase your baby’s sense of touch while managing to hold their interest. The animal-themed story makes this book a great educational toy.

Best interactive baby teether

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Made of teething-safe food-grade silicone

  • Stacking toy, whistle and teether all in one

  • Makes a great gift or baby shower gift

Babies are curious by nature and love to put everything in their mouths, which makes teething toys an absolute necessity. Mini Tudou Baby stacking and nesting toy is specially designed to satisfy your baby’s curiosity and encourage shape recognition.

The toy consists of stacked silicone rings of different sizes and colors with various animals, letters and textures on the surface. It helps promote your baby’s educational development and also acts as a teether.

Best Baby Musical Toy

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Easy to grip handles.

  • Can be used as a teether

Babies love sounds and musical games. It’s the best way to keep them entertained and entertained while you work or do your daily chores. The Skip Hop Hedgehog Accordion is a great musical toy for your little one.

Made with bright colors and easy-to-grip handles, this accordion is sure to hold your baby’s attention as they discover a variety of entertaining melodies.

Why choosing the right baby toys is important

At different stages of life, babies have different requirements. Therefore, it naturally follows that they need specific baby toys to nurture them and help them develop properly. Let’s analyze how your baby’s playtime differs from birth to three months.

Newborns and playtime

When your baby is born, he will spend most of his time sleeping. And when they’re awake they’re usually sleepy, but over the next few weeks they’ll start to be more alert and try to make sense of their surroundings. As this Nemour’s KidsHealth article tells us, “The first thing your baby will learn is to associate you with meeting their needs.” Thus, the feeling of your touch, the sound of your voice and the sight of your face will begin to mean food, warmth and comfort.

Parents are the best source of learning and play for babies. Talking to your baby and smiling at him is a great form of communication. At this age, you should introduce simple toys that appeal to their senses of sight, hearing, and touch, such as rattles, musical toys, and textured toys like cloth books.

Playtime for babies 3-6 months

Between three and six months, your child grows and his curiosity too. They also become stronger and more eager to play and learn. They will love to copy your facial expressions and imitate you.

Interact with your child as much as you can at this age. This includes reading and singing to them, smiling with them and more. Simple games like peekaboo and active toys and baby gyms are perfect for your three to six month old baby.

Our opinion

Baby toys vary by age range and suitability for your baby. Our list includes toys that are ideal for newborns and older babies. After analyzing the pros and cons, we concluded that the Ingenuity Cozy Spot Reversible Activity Gym is the best toy for newborns and older babies because it provides safety and entertainment. Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Roll Maracas are suitable for newborns up to three-month-old babies because they love easy-to-grip musical toys. ToBe ReadyForLife premium soft baby books are ideal for babies 3-6 months as they explore different sights and textures. Not only do we have the best baby toys for you, but also the best deals. Find toys to enhance your baby’s playtime and promote development. Have fun shopping for your bundle of joy.

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