Saints Row: Everything you need to know about the game, exclusive details, answers to your biggest questions

Saints Row recently had a preview event which we had the opportunity to attend in order to give you all the latest details on the game with information on everything from gameplay to accessibility options. There was a tidal wave of content to dig into at the preview and I had the opportunity to ask the developers some questions about the game itself to find out even more. There’s plenty to be excited about for the upcoming reboot of Saints Row and it’s time for us to dig into all those details.

Saints Row gameplay and combat

The preview focused on the gameplay of the experience, everything you can expect to encounter while playing through the new Saints Row. With a cast of new characters entering the series, the early moments of the game ensure that you as a player will connect with the characters before taking on all the world has to offer.

You will also be able to improve the abilities of your companions (other saints) and these improvements can be unlocked by completing activities such as general missions. Of course, you will also earn money, experience points, sometimes cars, and more by completing missions.

There are three main criminal empires which the main saints will have to deal with in various ways to continue growing their influence over your own criminal empire across Santo Ileso, the new town and your open world sandbox. You’ll be the boss of this criminal empire, so it’ll be worth preparing to take to the streets with a deadly array of weapons, wits, and of course…vehicles, and there are plenty of them! Over 80 to be exact.


In the preview, cars were shown to have the ability to slide sideways on others and deal immense damage varying depending on how fast you are driving – you need to get rid of certain limbs rivals? No problem, give them the weight of a ton of bodywork as you crash sideways in your sleek vehicles. You will even be able to customize your vehicles in different ways and you can do it from your own garage.

When it comes to instant combat, there are new “Finishing Moves” for the Saints Row franchise that your character can take advantage of while participating in the brilliantly crafted melee system that you can enjoy with the usual high -The Weapon at octane has fueled the fight of the series. Additionally, there are new skills and perks that you will be able to activate with a total of four skills allowed to be active at the same time.

Based on the weapons, it should be noted that all weapons will have a signature ability to unlock for each. These signature abilities vary in terms of pleasant madness and for a pistol, for example, a signature ability might be to change the pistol to a submachine gun.

Personalization and Headquarters – Be your own boss in Santo Ileso

Of course, to be the most memorable boss in the world, you’ll want to look the part. If you want to dress up in a trendy outfit or even a hot dog outfit, you can choose and create the outfit that lets others know that you are the boss of the town.

Personalization is an important goal for Saints Row, customizing body, hair, voice, skin tone, facial decorations, clothing colors, weapons, vehicles, and more. of your character. There is something for everyone. It’s been quoted that there are “more ways to customize your weapons than most games have for your avatar” and that should tell you all you need to know about the number of customization options available.

Not only that, but you can customize your character anywhere in the world, yes you heard that right, anywhere. You can create an entirely new character look and/or body type on the fly with the style app available on your in-game phone. You won’t have to travel somewhere to customize your character, you can where you want. Luckily, you’ll be able to save your own boss looks for your customization needs.


Your base of operations in the form of your HQ will be located in a church and you can customize weapons from here and of course access your garage. If you love home decor, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can customize your home office as well. There are over 100 “props” to collect for the HQ and these can be placed in multiple locations in the HQ. These accessories can be found all over the world. An example of an accessory you can collect is a “giant metal rabbit statue” among many others.

One new feature that Preview was excited to share information about was the “War Table” found within HQ, which is a “new twist” on open world activities. This is where you will build your criminal empire even further. There will be a map display on the table with each of the nine districts, you can begin efforts such as district takeovers through the use of the war table. These will allow you to go out and complete missions related to them and many game opportunities will appear for you. You can even unlock loot such as new weapons by completing these war table related objectives.

A thriving open world – It’s time to put your name into Saints Row history

The world that Saints Row will offer you plenty to see and do. The world will even see random events occur like those seen in games such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Small scripted and random encounters that bring the magnificent city even more to life.


The regions of the world are diverse and full of curiosities to see from what we saw in the game preview. The world is based on “the entire American Southwest” and for reference material the team had traveled everywhere. It’s a city where the madness is fully permitted by the looks of things, and when we saw the player character dragging someone through a portal with a car to get information, it was very obvious that Saints Row’s still sticks to its roots in this consideration among many others.

Following this, there was information given that side activities will be available throughout such as robberies on vans and so on up to more in-depth side hustles. Expressing yourself in the world is also another thing players will enjoy doing with over 100 emotes available for you.

Saints Row Gold Nuggets Info – Want to hear these exclusive details?

To arrive at Saints Row again, this will be online co-op and it will be “walk-in” co-op, which means you can join other people anytime throughout the game. ‘experience. You’ll be able to complete missions together and roam the open world, whether you’re in wing suits or participating in side hustle, or just trying to cause as much mayhem as possible.


Exploring the world will be greatly rewarded with many hidden discoveries and “tons of undiscoverable items” for your character to stumble upon, discoverability will be a prime area of ​​enjoyment for many who delve into the world. That’s when they’re not tearing flesh with the multitude of weapons available of course!

In addition to cars, you will be happy to know that other vehicles such as helicopters will also be included for your enjoyment. As for the camera view you will be using throughout the game, it will always be third person for now as there are “no plans for a first person camera at this time”. This is mainly due to the devs saying that third person “provides the best view” for areas and especially bearing in mind that side-swiping with cars is a feature.

Your Burning Saints Row Questions Answered by the Developers

During the preview event, all attendees had the chance to ask the developers a few questions about the experience. One of the questions I asked was, “There have been many memorable and exciting weapons in the Saints Row series. Do you have any personal favorite weapons that you are willing to share information about? To which one of the devs told me that the “Thrust Buster is great fun, it can be attached directly to people or even attached to cars” and they also said “Just wait until you see the signature ability attached” for this weapon.

Also, from another question asked, it was obvious that there would be “head to head” with your companions, so developing your bonds with those in your empire seems to be on the cards for your player as well.

I was also curious about the accessibility options for people and asked what kind of accessibility options there would be in the game. We were told that there is “the most accessibility options we’ve ever had in a Saints Row game” with even hearing, visual and motor aid options for players.


When the team was asked what they like best about working with the Restart of the Saints was, they said, “The things you hear”, “People, everyone is so creative, so dedicated to seeing the success of the game” and it is with this dedication and creativity that Saints Row reboot will certainly flourish. From the preview, I already booked my tickets for the hype train which will surely be bound for the match in no time.

Now it’s your turn to dive into Santo Ileso and explore all the world has to offer when it launches. It seems like a fresh start for the series and will definitely give fans something to be excited about.

Saints Row will be released on August 23 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Epic Games Store on PC.

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