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Rabbits are busy little bees when it comes to chewing, nibbling, and exploring new territory. It’s no wonder, then, that rabbit parents are constantly on the lookout for new toys that will keep rabbit boredom from setting in.

After reading reviews and doing research, we found some of the best rabbit toys that will keep your bunny entertained for hours. There are so many fantastic choices on this list that your bunny may even end up being overwhelmed by all the gifts you give him!

The best rabbit toys should be made of safe, edible materials and should stimulate your rabbit’s natural chewing, jumping, hiding and foraging instincts.

How to find the best bunny toy

Here are some buying considerations to keep in mind when choosing the perfect toy for your bunny.

The toy must be made of natural and edible materials

Your rabbit will chew and nibble on these toys, so you need to make sure they’re made with materials that are safe for him to ingest. Here are some materials that are safe for rabbits:

  • Alfalfa: This is a natural plant that can be eaten by rabbits and often forms a large part of the diet of young rabbits. It should not be given in bulk to older rabbits, as they need more fiber in their daily diet, but it can be given as part of a toy.
  • Seagrass: Another safe and natural fiber, seagrass can be woven into a variety of rabbit toys and is great for rabbits.
  • Wood: Natural, unfinished, and untreated wood is an excellent material for rabbits to chew on. Apple, ash, birch, hawthorn, hazel, juniper, maple, pear, poplar, spruce, and willow wood are acceptable for rabbits to chew and ingest.
  • Cardboard: As long as the cardboard is ink-free and non-toxic, your rabbit can chew and shred. Make sure your rabbit doesn’t ingest too much cardboard though, as it can be bad for his digestive system.

The toy should stimulate chewing, hiding, jumping or foraging

A good toy should allow your rabbit to tap into its natural instincts. Rabbits love to chew, shred and nibble on anything and everything, so a toy with a nice natural texture will inspire them to chew.

Larger toys can also stimulate your rabbit’s instinct to hide (he can climb through tunnels or small houses) or jump (larger moving toys are fun for rabbits to jump over and around) .

And some toys even allow your rabbit to feed. You can either hide treats in there, or there can be a variety of different stimulants in one toy that inspire your rabbit to explore and hunt for food and treats.

The price should reflect the quality and expected life of the toy

If you’re investing in a bigger, more expensive item, make sure it’s something that’s going to last a while. Rabbits love to shred and nibble on things, so a wooden toy will last longer than a grass or cardboard toy and, therefore, may cost a little more money.

Small edible toys should only cost a few dollars because if your rabbit likes them, they won’t last long.

Also consider the size

Looking for a toy to keep in your rabbit’s hutch to keep him occupied while he’s safe inside? Or are you looking for a toy he can play with while he’s outside on the living room floor? If your toy has size restrictions based on where your bunny will be playing with it, be sure to take measurements before purchasing to get the perfect fit.

The variety is good for active rabbits

If you find that your rabbit gets tired of toys easily, you might want to opt for a variety pack of rabbit toys. You can find sets containing toys made with various materials that will help keep your bunny interested and busy for longer periods of time.

The best bunny toys you can buy

Here are some of the best bunny toys we love.

With all these great options at his disposal, your bunny won’t know which toy to play with first!

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