Puppy’s Adorable Reaction to Discovering Squeaky Toys Delights the Internet

From splashing around in the tub to tasting a Puppuccino, is there anything cuter than a puppy experiencing something new for the first time?

A pup discovering the existence of squeaky toys has charmed the internet, with Reddit users describing the video as “a very important moment” in the dog’s life.

Posting to the r/rarepuppers forum on Friday, June 17, user u/sympleton shared a clip of his puppy Latte and his adorable reaction to his first squeaky toy.

In the video, Latte can be seen tentatively biting into the yellow ball, before going wild after realizing it was making noise.

Users couldn’t get enough of Latte’s over-the-top response, with the post receiving over 21,000 upvotes and over 100 comments.

“Very important moment in the life of a puppy,” wrote ShebaBhenda.

“Oh my. How cute,” fefififum23 said.

“He’s one of the cutest puppies I’ve ever seen,” noobpwner314 commented.

Researchers at the University of Bristol Veterinary School are currently undertaking a study into canine attachment and why dogs like certain toys more than others. Inspired by research on children and their attachment to soft toys and blankets, the study hopes to find out why many dogs display similar behavior when they find an object they like.

Described by Emily Blackwell, director of Companion Animal Population Health at the vet school, as “the first large-scale systematic investigation of the phenomenon”, the researchers hope the study will provide insights into changing social behavior in animals. dogs and humans.

An earlier study conducted by the university in 2012 claimed to have found the formula for the “perfect dog toy”. A trait attributed to their wolf ancestors, researchers have found that dogs prefer toys that can be eaten or torn to shreds, like a wolf attacking its prey.

In the comments, sympleton explained that Latte is a mixed-breed pup who was born to a rescue dog at the local humane society. Although users unanimously agree that Latte is adorable, many have warned sympleton that peace and quiet is now a thing of the past.

“You will regret it for years to come,” Woodysbackinpa said. “Too adorable though.”

“You’ll find out the true nature of squeaky toys at 3am,” Lone_Wanderer97 joked.

“And that’s how it starts,” warned BellerophonM.

Others have shared their own stories of squeaky toy regret.

“Noisy and boring”

MountainGoat84 wrote: “My dog ​​loves his squeaky balls and gnaws on them regularly.

“They’re so loud and annoying, but they make him very happy.

“So to sum up, we watch TV with captions now.”

Cheap-Substance8771 commented: “We would literally sit down for dinner or turn off the lights and sit down with our popcorn ready for a movie and…” Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!”

“He was running up to us asking us to play tug of war while keeping the squeals going. It was so annoying that he had such horrible timing.

“I realize now that was just because it was the first time all day that his family was in the same room and he just assumed we were there for him. I miss his annoying squeals now.”

However, Sympleton added that he hides the toys at bedtime, when Latte prefers “to settle down with a stuffed bunny.”

Newsweek contacted u/sympleton for comment.

A stock photo of a Beagle puppy chewing on a squeaky toy. Latte the dog’s overreaction to his first squeaky toy has Redditors delighted.
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