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The Easter Bunny made a surprise home visit Monday to a group of assisted living residents in Portage.

Our House Senior Living has launched its “Come Egg Our House” event featuring the famous bunny, along with Easter cupcakes and coffee. The event, which runs until April 15, sees children come and decorate the windows of the facility, giving residents something colorful to look at.

Two little visitors to The Tree House daycare center joined the bunny in decorating the windows on Monday, waving to residents through the glass as they filled eggs and flowers with window markers.

Babysitter Emily Hefko escorted the two guests – Regan, 2, and Savannah, 5 – as they spent the morning coloring with the Easter Bunny.

Hefko said the event fosters bonds between young children and older adults, which she says is “a really wonderful thing.”

“Sometimes you don’t have grandparents or they’re not nearby,” Hefko said. “It’s connecting the generations.”

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The Easter Bunny joins 2-year-old Regan to brighten the windows with color. Children are invited to participate in the activity until April 15.


Three years ago, these connections – like many other things – looked different. Children could watch an Easter egg hunt in the backyard of the Our House facility, holding up their baskets alongside the residents and the bunny. Now, young visitors are separated from residents by windows, but that’s not enough to stop them enjoying each other’s company.

“They’re always having fun,” said Dawn Koeppel, general manager of Our House. “It puts smiles on residents’ faces.

Koeppel was behind efforts to bring Easter celebrations back to the facility, filling bags with goodies and drawing the outlines of Easter eggs and smiley faces on the windows. It’s not the same as an egg hunt, she says, but it’s no less of a party.

“We wanted to do something different,” she said. “Whatever we come up with, it has to be fun.

Chief Easter Bunny Haley Simonson added that events like these bring back a sense of normalcy, just with the added precaution of masks.

“It feels like we’re taking another step in the right direction,” she said.


Although Our House isn’t holding Easter egg hunts for kids like it did before the pandemic, organizers say the “Come Egg Our House” event still allows younger and older generations to connect.

Anna Hansen/Daily Register

For Simonson, dressed in a full bunny costume, those “steps” took the form of jumps on Monday. Beyond community support, Our House also receives help from Moments Hospice, a Madison hospice agency that provides end-of-life care.

“We try to partner with Our House as much as possible to get into the community and help their residents,” said Cassondra Peters, consultant at Moments Hospice.

Koeppel said she was grateful for the support and hopes to bring more children to decorate the windows.

“It puts smiles on residents’ faces.

Anyone interested in leaving their mark on windows can visit the Our House assisted care center on Village Road or the seniors’ apartments on Northridge Drive anytime until April 15. All participating children can take home a bag of goodies.

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