Opening of a new plant-based Rabbit Food café in Bristol

It’s no secret that Bristol is one of the best places in the world for vegans to live.

The city is a haven for people who choose to lead a plant-based lifestyle with plenty of cafes and restaurants serving top-notch food – and newcomers keep coming.

The latest to open is Rabbit Food – a sleek and stylish Scandinavian-inspired cafe with a brief but delicious herbal menu, specializing in hearty salad bowls or “rabbit bowls” that change weekly.

While all food is prepared on site, coffee is provided by Redemption Roasters, a social enterprise that teaches young offenders how to roast coffee at Aylesbury Prison.

One of the bowls of Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food has opened in place of the Milk Bar in the ever-changing Old Market – an area that has won over owner Ellie Baldwin.

“We wanted to make sure we found the right place and that is definitely it,” said the 21-year-old, who recently graduated with a psychology degree.

“We love Old Market and there are some really cool businesses here including Glitch, Gossip Nail Bar, 25a, West Street Kitchen and more.

“It’s definitely getting busier here and we think it’s pretty underrated. Some people in Bristol don’t know where it is and some don’t realize what’s here.

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“We actually moved to Old Market from Easton earlier this year, so we have a daily commute of about a minute, which is nice.”

Ellie runs the business alongside her partner Katie. Both worked in the food industry and had ambitions to run their own cafe together.

Along with the hearty bunny bowls, which come with coleslaw and various toppings (£ 6), the lunch menu includes the bacon-free BLT (£ 4.50), open sandwiches and wraps (£ 5) and a seasonal soup (£ 3.50).

Rabbit Food is located in the old market

Breakfast options include sourdough toast from Assembly Bakery (£ 3.50), porridge (£ 3) and bowls of granola (£ 4).

Rabbit Food can be found at 46 Old Market Street. For more information visit his Facebook page.

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