Not your average rabbit food

FLINT, Michigan – For foodies looking for a salad that can serve as a two-day meal, there’s a new stall at Flint Farmers Market that fits the bill and is gentle on the size. Tee’s Plentful Salads is the brainchild of Tammie Mathis, a southern resident. Long-time chef and graduated from Mott’s Culinary Program in 2005, Mathis had dreamed of starting his own business for years.

“I’ve always loved salads because there are so many different and creative ways to prepare them,” she said. Her infectious smile as she leans in like you’re about to get the latest gossip. “Varieties are my specialty, it ranges from pasta, crafts, to meat and taco salads. To give you an idea, here we have 65 different salads and we make some dressings from scratch, ”she said. “I just want to make sure people get a full salad.”

There are even dessert salads. “I think people will be surprised because we have all kinds of stuff.”

Located right next to the grand atrium of the Flint Farmers’ Market, Tee’s bountiful salads started out as a brainchild of Mathis. “I was visiting the market one day and think I just saw a niche for myself. There was plenty of good food, but not the kind of salads I like to make – a full salad that can serve as a full meal, ”she said.

For those who have doubts or questions about the idea of ​​a “garnished salad,” Mathis challenges people to think of greens in a bowl differently. “It’s not your ordinary rabbit food,” a familiar glow and laughter rolls across his face. “We offer steak, chicken, shrimp, a whole world of vegetables. And, for those who don’t think it’s for them, my answer is anything you can put on a bun, you can put it in a salad.

A graduate of Flint Northern, Mathis had worked in all areas of the culinary industry before opening Tee’s Plentful Salads. It’s a dream come true, she says. “I’m not really a rich person, so I thought this space would be a good start. I haven’t been able to get a building or something like that yet, but at least there’s a place people can find me, ”she said.

Since opening his business in mid-June, Mathis says the comments have been overwhelming. “We’ve just seen demand increase – which is a good problem to have,” she laughs and whispered above her hand. The feedback? “These are two-day salads. They cannot finish them in one sitting. And, then, they want to know when she’ll start making the salads to order, an expansion that Mathis says is coming, “but I’ll have to hire more help before I can start doing that.”

Signature salads are Mathis’ steakhouse salad, crispy chicken salad, and spicy chicken salad with roasted red peppers and house ranch dressing. Salads cost around $ 8, with smaller portions of pasta or chicken salad selling for $ 5. Tee’s also offers a catering service for special events.

“At first I doubted myself so it was a fight. But because of my faith, my family and my friends, I was able to do it, so I really couldn’t have done it anywhere else, ”she says.

The Flint Farmers Market is open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. For more information, see Tee’s Bountiful Salads Facebook page.

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