Not just ‘bunny food’: Competitive eater beats giant rabbit in salad contest – SABC News

The lettuce-loving Giant Bunny Honey ‘Mega’ Bunny suffered a resounding defeat Tuesday in a head-to-whiskers salad eating contest against competitive eater Raina Huang.

Huang, who has been eating competitively for four years, managed to put away 1.5 kg of chopped salad in 10 minutes during the match-up organized by Chop Stop in Glendale, California.

Honey froze like a rabbit in the headlights in front of the giant plate of lettuce and didn’t eat any of it. Faced with a humiliating loss, Team Bunny was allowed by the organizers to bring in a second bunny, Precious.

Precious also failed to eat a single leaf. Owner Louis Moses, who breeds the Flemish Giant Rabbits, was not surprised by the result. “Rabbits are not scarves. They are not like dogs, you just have to crush them quickly. They are nibblers. They nibble all day, all night. So they eat decent amounts, but over a period of time,” Moses said.

Huang, who doesn’t eat salad at all outside of contests, said she doesn’t pay much attention to her contestants.

“It was more like a challenge for myself. When I do contests and challenges, I usually don’t pay too much attention to what the contestants are doing. I think the best for me is just to see the best that I can do,” she said.

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Raymond I. Langston