Next Animal Crossing game needs to fix series’ annoying event glitch

While Animal Crossing: New Horizons offered many new ways to enjoy the animal crossing series, upcoming games need to address boring event options that cause stagnation. While the first year of brand new animal crossing The game is exciting to play through, with players exploring and uncovering new secrets behind seasonal events, the series continues to struggle with boring repetition in subsequent years. However, this could be solved by giving players more customization options in a ACNH sequel, and moving away from standard holiday-themed events.

Similar to Pokemon, The legend of Zelda, and Super Mariothe animal crossing series has been around for several decades. Games have gone through many consoles, big changes in graphics, and a rapidly changing game development scene that has altered the way games are consumed and reviewed. For this reason, the simple goals and basic graphics of previous versions animal crossing titles evolved into the complex simulation mechanics and slice-of-life gameplay seen in New Horizons. However, some features such as in-game events have remained the same over the years, leading to a disconnect between new improvements and nostalgic repetition.


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To help troubleshoot issues related to events in animal crossingNintendo could consider a number of useful changes that would bring variety to gameplay and give players more personal choices in how they interact with events. The following animal crossing The game in the series could break the mold with fully customizable calendars, or offer players the ability to gradually unlock new events and expanded content for holiday-themed celebrations. Because these expansions would already be included in the base game, players would not need to rely on updates, providing more gameplay autonomy and better longevity for future games. animal crossing securities.

Next Animal Crossing game set to introduce customizable calendars

A player shows off their DIY Bunny Day recipe items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Currently, Animal Crossing: New Horizons events are limited, with only a handful of them getting big in-game celebrations. These seasonal celebrations are largely focused on existing holidays, and options like Bunny Day are widely hated by fans. However, a new game in the animal crossing The series could introduce a customizable calendar that players can change at any time by interacting with a calendar item or speaking with Tom Nook. This calendar could offer players different seasonal holidays to choose from, or the ability to omit holidays they don’t like or relate to. Bunny Day could be swapped with a Cherry Blossom Festival, while Toy Day could be replaced with a SnowBoy Tournament and Building Celebration.

Additionally, smaller events could be added to calendars as unlockable rewards for in-game milestones. Players who collect all types of fruit in the game could unlock a jam festival and animal crossing DIY recipes for cooking fruit dishes, while those who get one of each star fragment could unlock a party on a meteor shower island where the town gathers to watch shooting stars. These unlockable events would incentivize players to explore all of the game’s content, as well as reward players with new endgame content.

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These types of calendars would also help support diversity in animal crossing games, with players able to choose and celebrate holiday-themed events that are personally significant over other options. Because simulation and slice-of-life games like animal crossing are played by a large audience of gamers, and the main goal is to project the player into the world, diversity and inclusion must extend beyond New Horizons’ hairstyles and dress options. The addition of cultural celebrations or a rainbow month in the summer could be added to the players’ calendar in the next animal crossing game, with no impact on those who are not interested in the option. This level of customization would add a more unique twist to each playthrough and provide more relatability for animal crossing Fans.

Next Animal Crossing game needs in-game event updates

Animal Crossing New Horizons Turkey Day

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players also struggled with frustration surrounding the repetitive content of events. While the first year offered exciting updates with new content for events that had not been experienced, subsequent years saw the same events reused with few changes. For those who have been playing since the game’s release, it can be New Horizons’ events in 2022 a chore to attend, instead of a fun annual celebration. However, adding annual event updates as part of the next animal crossing base game of the title, players would have many years of exciting content at the time of purchase.

The addition of annual event updates could be minimal, with each year being pre-developed before release to include a new storyline, new event rewards, and new main event cutscene. For example, participating in Toy Day in Year 2 could have players saving Jingle from a sledding accident instead of helping deliver presents, or the Bunny Day storyline could finally reveal who’s inside the costume. of Zipper T Bunny during the third year of the event. Not only would it help mark the passage of time in animal crossing games, but it would make participation more fun and rewarding for players.

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The built-in event changes in the next animal crossing the game could also open the door to late-game super events. These special, hard-to-reach events could be reserved for those who have reached the final year of event updates, accessed all content-locked update options, or reached milestones such as the completion of the last house extensions. Super Events could offer players the chance to win rare decorative items, or even unlock late-game abilities like unbreakable tools. It could also offer a secret level of animal crossing Villagers, or increase the number of villagers players can have living in a town at a time.

These events change into a new animal crossing game would also offer players the advantage of long-term goals. Currently, those who play New Horizons can quickly upgrade their island towns, amass villagers, and complete house upgrades in a short amount of time. Adding more objective-based gameplay that requires committed, long-term achievements would help extend everyone’s lifespan animal crossing game, and ensure players have plenty of content without the need for paid DLC or free updates. Although there is currently no information on what could happen next in the animal crossing series, the problems observed in Animal Crossing: New Horizons could serve as a model for improvement and create a better experience for players in the future.

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