MC Championship (MCC) 27 Underdogs: Live Scores and Standings


The latest MC Championship (MCC) event features a special battle between only competitors who have never won an event before. The 27th installment of Minecraft tournament is semi-canon and called MCC Underdogs.

MCC Underdogs is performing on the third anniversary of the event and therefore features special celebratory elements, such as party hats for the players, scattering confetti and balloons throughout to mark the momentous occasion. The anniversary festivities also extend to the MCC minigames, as in honor of the event’s anniversary, cards from across MCC history are returning for the MCC Underdogs event.

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The MCC Underdogs event also follows just one year after MCC All-Stars was held on MCC’s second anniversary. While MCC All-Stars only featured those who had won at least one MCC event, MCC Underdogs flips the lineup entirely by putting only those who have never won an MCC event in the spotlight.

MCC 27 is a one-time, half-canon event, which means that stats and records will not be counted, but the team that claims victory in the event will still receive an official MCC Winners Coin. It will mostly run as a regular event with 10 teams competing for the prized MCC coin, though the MCC Underdogs lineup includes both regular competitors who simply haven’t been able to achieve victory yet and all-new competitors making their official MCC debuts.

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A full score breakdown for the 10 teams across the entire MCC event is as follows. All mini-game scores, who wins each mini-game, who is ahead after each game, which games are selected to be played, the official order of play chosen by teams in the Decision Dome, final game totals coins after all mini-games have been played and the final winner will be updated as the tournament progresses.

To cross to the other side (TGTTOSAWAF)

The MCC Underdogs Special Event kicked off with To Get to the Other Side (TGTTOSAWAF), which is a mini-game centered around being the fastest to reach the Other Side. TGTTOSAWAF takes place over six individual rounds on six separate maps.

Each map may require players to use various tools like blocks, snowballs, elytra, or pickaxes. All the tools exist to help them find their way or sabotage other players for a bit of mayhem, but the main goal is always to get to the other side as soon as possible.

Screenshot via MCC Live

TGTTOSAWAF Winner: purple pandas

First place overall: purple pandas

Battle Box Scores

The second match of the MCC 27 Underdogs event was Battle Box, which is a PvP-centric game that pits each individual team against each other. The battle takes place over nine rounds in a small, enclosed arena where players must work with their teams to eliminate other competitors in a series of four-on-four matches while trying to be the first to fill the center of the map with their color block.

At the start of each Battle Box match, all players must choose a kit to aid them in battle. These kits include additional gear like potions or more arrows that teams can then use against their enemy during the round. More loot can also be picked up around the small arena by those able to reach it before the other team.

Screenshot via MCC Live

Battle Box Winner: purple pandas

First place overall: purple pandas

Ace Race Scores

The third game in MCC 27 was Ace Race, which is a complex race that takes place over a series of laps. Typically, players must complete three maps, but some special maps also took place over four rounds, and the Turtle Run map featured in MCC Underdogs required players to complete four rounds.

On any Ace Race map, players can be tasked with performing intricate jumps, flying through or around obstacles, and sprinting to reach the end as quickly as possible. The goal of Ace Race is to complete the entire race as quickly as possible.

Screenshot via MCC Live

Winner of the Ace Race: purple pandas

First place overall: purple pandas

Runners score grid

MCC 27’s fourth game was Grid Runners, which is all about communication and cooperation. Players must work with their teams to navigate through a series of rooms as quickly as possible in what is essentially a complex obstacle course.

Each room will require players to complete different types of tasks. Players may have to clear mobs, replicate an artwork, solve a puzzle, shoot a series of targets, craft numerous items, navigate intricate parkour, or complete various tasks designed to test both the technical aspects. Minecraft and teamwork skills.

Screenshot via MCC Live

Grid runners Winner: red bunnies

First place overall: purple pandas

Merge Scores

The fifth match to take place in MCC 27 Underdogs was decided by a public vote that took place on MCC’s Twitter. The game among Big Sales at Build Mart, Parkour Tag, Sands of Time and Meltdown that receives the fewest votes will then be selected to be played next.

In the end, Meltdown received the fewest votes and was therefore selected to be played fifth in the event lineup. Meltdown takes place over three rounds and follows teams as they navigate an ever-melting map while trying to mine coins and eliminate other players.

The fast-paced battle royale game equips players with bows and arrows as their only combat tools, but these tools are enchanted to freeze players. All players also have a reliable heater to help them defrost their teammates.

Screenshot via MCC Live

Collapse Winner: cyan coyote

First place overall: cyan coyote

Hole in the wall Scores

MCC 27’s sixth game was Hole in The Wall, which is a game where players must traverse a series of intricate puzzle walls while standing on a fairly small platform. The object of the game is to survive as long as possible, as coins are earned by surviving and surviving other players.

Hole in the Wall takes place over three rounds on the same map, giving players a few opportunities to score big. As each round progresses, the walls and the speed at which they approach players will steadily increase.

Screenshot via MCC Live

Hole in the Wall Winner: purple pandas

First place overall: purple pandas

Parkour Tag Scores

The seventh match of the MCC Underdogs event was Parkour Tag. This game, which is basically a complex game of tag, took place on a brand new map that debuted for the very first time during the MCC 27 event.

Each team competes over nine rounds in which they must select a team member to hunt the opposing team. The remaining players on each team then have to play a huge game of tag where they traverse the map and try to survive as long as possible and ideally never get tagged.

Screenshot via MCC Live

Parkour Tag Winner: orange ocelots

First place overall: cyan coyote

Sands of Time scores

The final minigame for MCC Event 27 was, as is often the case, Sands of Time. Competitors regularly prefer to make it the last play due to the huge coin differentials and the possibility of one team losing all of their coins in the minigame, as this can cause teams to jump to play in the Dodgebolt Duel.

Sands of Time takes players through an extremely complex dungeon filled with danger and treasure. Teams need to work together and communicate to make sure their sand time always has sand while making sure they’re going through the dungeon to find coins. If the hourglass runs out, players are trapped in it and lose all their coins for the game.

Screenshot via MCC Live

Winner of the Sands of Time: purple pandas

First place overall: purple pandas

Parts results

After all eight minigames are played, the coin totals for all minigames are as follows. These are the results of the event before the final Dodgebolt duel where the winner is decided by a showdown between the two most successful teams.

Screenshot via MCC Live

In MCC 27, the top two teams that qualified for the Final Dodgebolt Duel were the Purple Pandas and the Cyan Coyotes. Purple pandas included Blushi, FireBreathMan, Bdubs, and impulseSV while cyan coyotes included DisguisedToast, BoxBox, ItzMasayoshi, and iiTzTimmy.

Dodgebolt Results

The duel between the Purple Pandas and the Cyan Coyotes was close until the end. Each of the Dodgebolt rounds lasted long enough and lasted much longer than usual as both teams battled it out for the coveted MCC coin.

In the end, the Purple Pandas won the event with a Dodgebolt score of 3-1.

Screenshot via MCC Live

The Purple Pandas scored 20,261 total plays in the MCC Underdogs event and consisted of team members Blushi, FireBreathMan, Bdubs, and impulseSV.

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