MC Championship (MCC) 25: live scores and match standings


The Monthly MC Championship (MCC) is back for its 25th canonical edition and 30th run overall. The Minecraft The tournament will take place on September 24 at 2:00 p.m. CT and will last approximately two hours as 10 teams test their skills through a variety of mini-games.

Each team includes four creators, making a grand total of 40 competitors in the event. Smajor builds the teams while Noxcrew handles minigames and general administration. The creators participating in the event are the ones who bring all their hard work to life.

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Everything on MCC 25 is set to work as it regularly does, although a new Battle Box map, unlike any other, has been introduced for this event. Noxcrew calls it “Battle Box Doom”, perhaps the biggest and most dangerous map yet.

This new map has the central capture point high up in a very exposed location, greenery growing everywhere, and lava pools across the map. So, if Battle Box is played in the event, matches are sure to be chaotic as players take on this dreaded new map.

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MCC 25 also has a brand new map for Hole in the Wall featuring a central platform with holes and gaps for players to drop onto. If this mini-game is played, players will surely face a new challenge trying to navigate the intricate puzzle walls while navigating intricate ground.

The 25th canonical installment of the event will also be interesting as it is the first round of the tournament since Noxcrew launched its MCC Island server. All the competitors had the chance to practice their skills for the Minecraft tournament on four of the mini-games that could be played in the tournament.

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Fans can watch MCC via Noxcrew official Tic page or choose to look through a competitor’s lens on their platform of choice. The platform each player is live on can be found at My Account Center Live.

Those who want to follow the tournament and the score of each team in each mini-game will find all the information regarding the event below. The order in which mini-games are chosen to be played, the official scores for each mini-game, and who is ahead after each mini-game will be updated as the tournament progresses.

Battle Box Scores

The first game played in MCC 25 was Battle Box. This Battle Box run featured a new map called “Battle Box Doom” by Noxcrew. While most Battle Box maps are quite small and confined, this new map was massive and therefore offered a new style of gameplay for competitors.

Battle Box is a combat-centric game that takes place over nine rounds. During each round, teams are pitted against another team in a four-on-four match. Players must try to eliminate them and capture the center point to get points.

Screenshot via MCC Live

Battle Box Winner: red bunnies

First place overall: red bunnies

Merge Scores

MCC’s second game was Meltdown. Meltdown is the newest game on the MCC roster and features an ever-melting map that players must quickly navigate while trying to collect coins and eliminate other players.

This game takes place over three rounds and players are only given bows and arrows to take out other players and heaters to thaw their teammates. Teams must freeze their enemies by hitting them with an arrow and wait for them to freeze permanently to score points. Points are also earned for mining parts throughout the merge map.

Screenshot via MCC Live

Collapse Winner: green geckos

First place overall: green geckos

Runners score grid

The third game in MCC 25 was Grid Runners, which is a game heavily focused on teamwork and communication. Players must work with their teams to complete a series of unique tasks in a series of rooms.

A Grid Runners room may require teams to complete various tasks such as gathering a series of objects, navigating a complex puzzle, hitting a series of targets, replicating a construction, or killing various monsters. The faster a team completes a room, the more points they earn.

Screenshot via MCC Live

Grid runners winner: aquatic axolotls

First place overall: green geckos

Survival games scores

MCC’s fourth game was Survival Games, which was all about being the very last team left alive. Survival Games takes place on a massive map with a continuously shrinking border that will require teams to move towards the center and face each other.

All over the map, players can find powerful loot to help them eliminate and survive other players. Teams will earn points for defeating their enemies and for surviving longer than other players.

Screenshot via MCC Live

Survival Games Winner: purple pandas

First place overall: green geckos

Ace Race Scores

Game 5 of MCC 25 was decided by public vote on Twitter. Out of Sands of Time, Ace Race, To Get to the Other Side (TGTTOSAWAF) and Parkour Tag, the game that received the fewest fan votes would be played next.

Ace Race ended up being the lowest voted option and therefore played out as the fifth minigame for MCC 25. This minigame is a simple race that takes place over two or three laps.

Along the way, players must practice their parkour skills, use equipment such as tridents and elytra, avoid obstacles, use springboards, and do everything possible to complete the race as quickly as possible. Players earn points based on their placement, with the fastest players earning the most coins.

Screenshot via MCC Live

ace race Winner: green geckos

First place overall: green geckos

Hole in the wall Scores

MCC’s sixth game was Hole in the Wall. In this game, all players are placed on the same small platform and must navigate a series of intricate puzzle walls from north, west, south and east.

The Hole in the Wall map featured in MCC 25 was a completely new map. Instead of the usual fairly solid platform, players had to navigate around a platform with many holes and breaks. Competitors who trained on MCC Island were likely more familiar with this type of map as a broken platform map is present for parts of Hole in the Wall on MCC Island.

Screenshot via MCC Live

Hole in the Wall Winner: Lime Llamas

First place overall: green geckos

To cross to the other side (TGTTOSAWAF)

Game 7 of MCC 25 was To Get to the Other Side (TGTTOSAWAF). This game works on the simple premise of getting to the other side but has many complexities that make this achievement difficult.

Players compete in six separate rounds across six maps during TGTTOSAWAF. Each map is entirely different from the last and may require players to navigate around obstacles with an elytron, place blocks to clear their way, or simply perform the best parkour possible.

Sabotaging other players with punches is quite possible during this game and so there is usually a lot of chaos. Coins are earned for completing a map as quickly as possible and bonus coins can be earned by having your entire squad be one of the first four full squads to complete.

Screenshot via MCC Live

TGTTOSAWAF Winner: orange ocelots

First place overall: green geckos

Parkour Tag Scores

The final game of MCC 25 was Parkour Tag. This game is a complex version of tag that pits teams against each other in a small arena where one player from each team attempts to chase the entirety of the other.

Players must demonstrate their parkour skills and attempt to be the first to catch the entire enemy team or successfully survive the duration of being chased by the other team. There are nine Parkour Tag rounds in total.

Screenshot via MCC Live

parkour etiquette Winner: yellow yaks

First place overall: green geckos

Parts results

After all eight mini-games were played, the two teams that scored the most coins were the Green Geckos and the Purple Pandas. So these two teams got into a final Dodgebolt duel to see who could win it all and be crowned the winner of the event.

Screenshot via MCC Live

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