Marvel fans can buy Ironman, Hulk, Spiderman and Captain America toys at Aldi

Fans of the Marvel Universe will love one of Aldi’s latest Specialbuys. The budget retailer has launched a line of toys inspired by superhero movies – and they even talk.

Marvel movie fans can pick up half a meter tall Iron Man , Pontoon , Spider Man or Captain America – or the entire Avengers and Friends collection – for £12.99 each. Standing over a foot and a half tall, the plush superheroes have an internal speaker that emits sound effects when you push their hand.

Aldi said: “Get your little superhero this Marvel soft toy. They’ll love having a plush based on their favorite movie character. Plus, when they press the toy, an internal speaker plays sound effects. »

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In a Facebook post shared by Money Saver by Dansway a photo of the four plushes, which garnered more than 100 comments, mostly from people tagging friends and loved ones to draw their attention to the mid-aisle Marvel toys.

The German supermarket also stocks a Marvel cushion for £6.99 , which received five stars from buyers and is perfect for any superhero themed room. Meanwhile, Spiderman fans can pick it up Spiderman logbook for less than £5, which Aldi says can help “practice reading skills” for children aged three to six.

Those with a knack for tailoring can also find Marvel Fat Quarters in the center aisle or online. A set of features 12 pieces of fabric with different comic book designs for £11.99 – less than £1 per term. They are ideal for making dog bandanas, cushions or even tote bags.

Earlier this year, Pandora has launched a collaboration with Marvel in the form of a collection of 19 pieces. Prices start at £35 for the Marvel The Avengers Iron Man Arc Reactor Charm, with the priciest item in the version costing £160 – a Marvel Charm Gift Set.

The set includes charms from The Hulk, Black Panther and Iron Man, which are sold individually for £45, £55 and £60 respectively. Marvel movies and shows are now available to stream on Disney+ you can register £7.99 per month, or £79.90 for the year here.

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Raymond I. Langston