Lamar Jackson brags that no one has ever caught him in a tag game


Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson spoke about how his tag skills translated into football – and how he is undefeated in the game.

Yes Lamar jackson hasn’t proven anything in the NFL is that the 2019 NFL MVP isn’t easy to catch.

Although Jackson rejects the idea that he is just another run backJackson prides himself on his superior ability to lead the ball. Asked about his ability to play, demonstrated by traits that cannot be trained, Jackson had an intriguing response to how he developed his elusive agility.

“I think my [skill] just played tag, not wanting to be hit, ”Jackson said. “It’s just happened in football.”

When asked if he’d ever been caught in a tag game, Jackson replied categorically, “No. [by] a person No. No. No.

Lamar Jackson is an undefeated tag champion

Jackson isn’t the only NFL player to have developed playful childhood agility into impressive NFL characteristics.

Ahead of the 2021 NFL Draft, Seattle Seahawks wide receiver D’Wayne Eskridge spoke with Tyler Dunne of Go Long about how the timing of a 4.2 to 40-meter dash energized a defining moment of childhood.

Eskridge discovered his elite speed at the age of nine and saw a rabbit in his neighbor’s yard.

“One day we were just walking and I saw a rabbit,” Eskridge said. “It didn’t really escape us instantly. So I crept on top of him a bit and moved rather slowly. And then the bunny ran straight ahead so as soon as I saw that I ran and literally picked up the bunny. As if I had cornered him and grabbed the bunny.

Likewise, it looks like Jackson perfected his ability to pull out bags and play games in a crumbling pocket from those youthful moments spent playing cat.

While Jackson may be an undefeated tag champion, he revealed in 2019 that he “hated running” on the soccer field, preferring to pass touchdowns to touchdowns.

“I hate to run, only if I have to,” Jackson said. “But you know, my job is to send the ball to the receivers, to the tight ends, to the ball carriers. If I have to run I will, but I’d rather just sit and pass it.

Even though he hates running, those days of playing have helped him grow into one of the most dynamic quarterbacks in the NFL.

While the tag might be considered “child’s play,” the stamina, elusiveness, and speed required to be a champion of the game is something that NFL players like Jackson still use until now. ‘adulthood.

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