Jeremy McConnell eats ‘rabbit food’ after joking about his ‘big belly’

The hunky male model seems to have started a new diet after his recent weight gain

A healthy lunch awaited the star

Jeremy McConnell recently unveiled his new, more comprehensive framework.

But we wouldn’t get used to seeing the model carrying a few extra pounds – not now he has turned to “rabbit food”.

The Celebrity Big Brother star enjoyed a healthy snack of lettuce leaves and other nutritional treats on Tuesday.

However, before eating his lunch, the male model took a photo to let his fans know he was eating properly.

To great evils the great means

The image – shared on Snapchat – features a bowl full of greens, along with a few fat-free drinks to wash it down.

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In the banner in the photo, Jeremy joked that he was eating “rabbit food”.

The star first unveiled her new figure on Snapchat

Last week, Jeremy shed some light on his new, more shapely figure when he headed for a night out in Chester.

Beating critics in the fist, the 25-year-old tweeted: “Fat stomach and wallet. “

The handsome kid could soon lose weight


twitter / JezzaMcConnell)

While Jeremy has no qualms about discussing his changing appearance on social media, he continues to remain silent on Stephanie Davis’ claims.

Steph – who is pregnant with her first child – has insisted that Jeremy is the father of her unborn baby.

Jeremy refuses to reply to Steph’s tweets


Over the weekend, the mom-to-be rampaged over claims she was pretending to be pregnant – and Jeremy was caught in the crosshairs.

The brunette reportedly wrote, “Just so you know my baby is fully formed, legs arms all, Jeremy is telling the date my baby was NOT a mistake we were trying.”

She reportedly added later, “We were trying to have a baby, like him, he just wanted the fame… He wanted our baby, I wanted real love, this baby is me, I’ll never love you Jeremy.” “

The actress is pregnant



Steph quickly deleted the posts, clearly thinking twice before again expressing his feelings so publicly.

Jeremy previously claimed he was not the father of Steph’s baby because she “got her period” after they split.

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