How to avoid game overs in Birushana: Rising Flower Of Genpei

It’s not that Birushana: Rising Flower of Genpei starts out all suns and bunnies and slowly turns into something darker. From the first scenes, we are introduced to a world of conflict and a young woman whose survival is on the brink. But there is a difference between Birushana bad endings well, the rest of the game.


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We talk about the elements that trigger warnings to protect us when necessary. Seeing copious amounts of blood is one thing. Witnessing the murder of deeply sympathetic characters, whose lives have been ruthlessly snuffed out by brutal writing, is quite another. And if that wasn’t enough, the heavily implied suicide also ends a handful of lanes.

While finalists may want to unlock these endgame nightmares in order to experience all that Birushana has in store for them, there are sure to be some players who prefer to ignore the awful sad stuff. If this is you, here is your guide.

How to Avoid Bad Endings on Every Route

There are five narrative routes in Birushana: Rising Flower of Genpei. However, there are some brief “what if?” derivations. scenarios involving secondary actors and – more relevant to the subject matter – a “shared route” that encompasses much of the first three chapters of the game, before you selected Shanao’s love interest, as well as certain moments subsequently predefined.

We’ll cover the potential evil ends of each route, including shared route content. Treat this as a kind of walkthrough on what not to do, and you will be golden in the future.

Bad ending on the shared road

Very early in the story, during the second scene of chapter 2-4, choose “Our priority is to capture Benkei.” Then select “We are stronger together.” In scene 2-2-9, “I’m just glad to know she’s okay.” This locks you into what’s known as the “common bad ending”, which can occur before choosing a romantic partner in an unfortunate confrontation with Taira’s troops.

Bad Endings on the Noritsune Road

In the ninth scene of chapter 9-1, choose “You have become a true warrior.” If Shanao’s stats are low enough, that’s all it will take to have a bad ending with Noritsune. The other possibility of catastrophe comes during the 11-1. “That’s not your type.”

Bad endings on the road to Shungen

Wait for the sixth chapter, more precisely its start at 6-1. “You should be more confident, Shungen.” This is your wrong answer. Of course, that alone is not going to destroy things. Shortly after, at 7-1, “It’s too embarrassing” seems to do the trick. Again, it’s best to have low stats on this attempt. (Or, in other words, better to have high stats otherwise.)

Bad endings on the Benkei road

In 7-1, choose “He has his own ideas.” A moment later, land on “I had a feeling you would say that.” In 8-1, ask Benkei, “Can you do it?” Finally, the choice of 9-1 must be “I need Benkei to support me.”

Otherwise, select “I have to try to earn his trust” in 7-1, followed by the three responses we have already described. You will continue, but come 10-1, choose “You didn’t have to do it alone.” Finally, in 11-1, “It’ll be fine as long as you’re with me.”

Bad Endings on the Yoritomo Road

Set Shanao’s stats to low. Don’t forget that you can change this on a whim via the game settings! At Scene 9-1, select “Do you…do you remember that?” and you will unlock the first bad ending. For the other bad ending, wait for chapter 10-1. “I never knew…”

Bad Endings on the Tomomori Road

Throughout the chapters on the shared route, choose “I will not submit to such tyranny.” In 3-1-7, “I don’t believe in fate.” 4-1 has two: “I will face him” followed by “Do not worry about that.” Then, in 6-2, “Is Tomomori himself trapped by fate?

Come 7-1, choose “I underestimated Tomomori.” 8-1 is an expression rather than a statement: I returned his gaze. Finally, seal your fate in the 9-1 with “I’ve known him forever!

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