Halloween House in Wanniassa reopens for spooky fun


Something scary is brewing in Wanniassa…

Imagine all possible nightmares rolled into one – Monty Python’s killer rabbit of Caerbannog, a giant dragon, spooky clowns and evil witches flying on broomsticks – all await you at Canberra’s Halloween House!

Canberran’s classic Halloween tradition is back and free of Covid this year, and Ian and Connie Warburton are locked up and loaded down with 2500 bags of lollipops and plenty of scares for all.

In the spirit of Halloween, the Warburtons are once again using their spooky house of horrors to raise money for a local children’s charity, the Stella Bella Foundation. Visitors can simply bring a gold coin to donate.

Like every year, Halloween madness has a theme, and this year the couple chose “scales and witchcraft.”

“It’s all about witches and wizards, giant dragons and knights,” smiles Connie.

Prepare for fire-breathing dragons scaling the house, the “reaper ride”, covens of witches brewing a deadly potion, and if you’re brave enough to brave the haunted house…well, better not ruin everything the fears to make your hair stand on end.

“All the children who come get a bag of lollipops and they can also reach into the witch’s cauldron and pull out a little toy,” says Connie.

Ian and Connie say the best of home is seeing the Canberra community have a good time, and the many hours (and money) spent to create the terrifying masterpiece are worth it – best night of the year, they say.

Next year’s Halloween house theme has already been chosen, but Canberra Weekly couldn’t get an exclusive preview of the pair. It’s a well-kept secret until Halloween 2023.

The Canberra Halloween House in Wanniassa on Osmand Street (to find it, just follow the shouts) will be open from Sunday 30th October until Friday 5th November for Canberrans looking to get spooked!

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Raymond I. Langston