Ginger Cat is a local star for stealing hundreds of toys and kindly presenting them to neighbors

A burglar and kleptocat, has stolen the hearts of Australians after becoming an internet celebrity for his relentless theft of locals and their toys.

Photos: (left) Ingrid Moyle, (right) Kay McCall

Kay McCall and her husband were moving into a new flat last year in Ferny Hills, near Brisbane, when they encountered a ginger cat that jumped over the fence looking for a pat on the head and chin scratches.

It became a pleasant daily encounter, but as the visits continued, they began to notice an accumulation of toys in their yard.

It wasn’t long before they caught him in the act. It turned out that the orange visitor brought more than affection and good neighborliness.

McCall says he left several weird socks, a school T-shirt and lots of toys in their yard.

“He brought a beautiful little Peter Rabbit,” she told ABC News Australia. “After a while, we just racked up a ridiculous number – literally an entire table full.”

They decided to post a photo of the “Pirate Kitty” and its loot on a Facebook group for locals to see if any of the toys belonged to neighbors. Indeed, dozens of people have reported being visited by Pirate Kitty, or recognizing one of these looted items – and he instantly became a local icon.

kitty pirate needed a home

Eventually, McCall tracked down the ginger cat’s loving owners and established that no, he wasn’t a stray — and had a home nearby — but the family couldn’t stop him from wandering off.

Later, the owners asked if the McCalls could help Pirate Kitty find a new home, as it was impossible for them to ensure her safety.

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A local resident, Ingrid Moyle, who regularly took in stray animals, had recently lost family members. So she decided that a new lover in their house would be a good idea.

Because Pirate Kitty didn’t respond to his real name “Johnny”, Moyle called him “Kylo” after one of his favorite Star Wars characters.

“I was a Pirate Kitty fan from the very first post…and then I saw the post Kay posted saying his previous owners couldn’t keep him anymore,” Ms Moyle said.

Turning Pirate Kitty into an indoor cat was surprisingly easy, but ending the chronic theft was nearly impossible.

Kylo’s Morning Toy Transport To His New Home – Ingrid Moyle

“I have a very, very large box of toys in all different sizes and shapes, so I just tip this toy box on the floor downstairs in the living room.”

Kylo now chooses a toy and drags it up the stairs to their bedroom, where he presents it to his new mother as she presumably tries to sleep. He then runs to find another.

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Since the happy ending, the Pirate Kitty fan base has claimed that Kylo now possesses Moyle, rather than the other way around – and everyone is eagerly awaiting more articles about the cat’s misdeeds in the Ferny Hills house.

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