Film studio apologizes for scene showing animals bombing allergic man with blackberries

In Peter Rabbit, rabbits’ nemesis, Mr. McGregor, has passed away and his nephew, Tom McGregor, tends the vegetable patch with a contempt for “vermin”.

In one scene, the rabbits, who have already learned that he is allergic to blackberries, bombarded him with fruit and shot one in his mouth. Tom allegedly collapsed to the ground, choking and turning red before stabbing himself in the leg with an EpiPen.

The scene, which is not in the trailer but was hinted at in reviews, prompted the hashtag #boycottpeterrabbit on social networks. Several groups representing allergy sufferers called for a boycott of the film, warning that it was “grossly offensive” and shed light on a potentially fatal disease.

Parents of children with food allergies also expressed their disgust at the scene. A petition calling on Sony Pictures to apologize drew around 6,000 signatures after the Global Anaphylaxis Awareness and Inclusivity group said the film “pokes fun at the seriousness of allergic diseases and disrespects the families of those who have lost. loved ones.

“Further, this is a socially irresponsible portrayal in a film aimed at children and based on an iconic and classic children’s story.”

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Raymond I. Langston

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