Fall Guys is coming to Xbox in June with exclusive Game Pass costumes

For years we wondered when Fall Guys would come to Xbox, and now the time is almost here. Mediatonic’s Party Royale Multiplayer Platformer/Game Show Set To Debut On Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One on June 21, the same day it will be free.

Even though Fall Guys has had six seasons of chaos on PlayStation, Mediatonic is hitting the reset button with Season 1: Free for All on June 21. obstacles still there. It’s not like everything added to the game will suddenly disappear.

Even though Fall Guys is coming to Xbox as a free game, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will get a special perk in the form of three exclusive costume rewards. Robo Rabbit, Coconut Milk, and Purple Hipster will each be available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members, with a free costume each month from June through August.

Additionally, there are pre-registration rewards that are up for grabs as different milestones are unlocked. Currently, only the Bean nameplate has been unlocked, but the community can work to unlock 3,500 Kudos (1M), Burgers pattern (1.5M), Muscleman emote (2M), and Melonhead costume ( 2.5M). Any milestones not unlocked during pre-registration may still become available as in-game items in the future.

As I mentioned, Fall Guys first launched in 2020 on PS4 and PC. The game was a huge hit, helped by the fact that it gave us something fun and new to do during the pandemic shutdowns. But even beyond that, Fall Guys is just for fun, that is, when you’re not playing with a test group.

Fall Guy is at its best when it’s a silly good time, but when you’re sometimes paired up with streamers who basically have the perfect timing for every course, it gets a little less fun and more daunting/frustrating. Hopefully this injection of new players on Xbox will result in a little more craziness.

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Raymond I. Langston