Expanded Apple House Market Reopens After 2020 Arbor Day Farm Fire | national news

Apple House Market at Arbor Day Farm reopened after a fire in September 2020.

The renovated facility in the city of Nebraska was unveiled at a groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday, along with several new additions, including two event rooms for guest use.

Additionally, the facility has a viewing room and a tasting room. In the viewing room, guests can see trees being packed for shipment, cider being pressed and apples being sorted. Videos will be shown during the off-season to continue to educate customers on these processes.

The tasting room will offer visitors the opportunity to sample locally and globally grown produce, including Arbor Day coffee, wines and other products.

Apple House Market has also been expanded to over 6,000 square feet and will be powered by 62 solar panels to reduce the building’s carbon footprint.

A portion of all opening weekend proceeds will be donated to the Nebraska City Fire Department in appreciation for helping to put out the fire.

The upgrades were paid for with both insurance money and private donations.

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Raymond I. Langston