Elden Ring Player points out some nice details on the in-game bunnies

The wildlife of Elden Ring is filled with fantasy inspiration, but the creatures that appear to be rabbits are actually based on a non-fictional animal.

Ring of EldenThe vast lands of are host to many creatures and creatures that often pose a threat to players. As a rule of thumb, if a creature can be locked on, it’s probably an enemy that players can and should potentially hit before it has a chance to hit first. But this is not always the case because the fauns roam in Ring of Elden who are not hostile, at least at first.

However, various wild animals can be killed in order to harvest specific materials needed to craft many Ring of EldenConsumables and items that will aid players on their journey, such as crafting a variety of arrows. These animals include goats, eagles, wolves and guillemots. Additionally, a creature believed to be a kind of rabbit was recently discovered to be a completely different animal.


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Ring of Elden players may have noticed that these particular creatures aren’t exactly bunnies and fit a larger categorical appearance. The Fextralife website has come to call them “Rabbitgaroos” based on how they may look like a cross between a rabbit and a kangaroo, but Redditor u/IamPotato14 clarified that Ring of EldenAI from and some research on the subject concludes that these creatures are very unfictional and inspired by rodents called springhares.

Because they may be lesser-known rodents that have a rabbit-like appearance, it’s no surprise that many players are unaware of this distinction. It wouldn’t be out of the question for the game’s fauna to be influenced by non-fictional animals but modified to fit. Ring of Eldenhigh fantasy atmosphere. There are massive rune bears, for example, that roam around and are purely fictional apart from their non-fictional, smaller counterparts, so the line could be easily blurred if players weren’t familiar with most of the endemic creatures. .

The FromSoftware The community has since used comedic terms for other characters and creatures players encounter, such as “Pot Boy” for Ring of Elden‘s Iron Fist Alexander and similar pots, or “Dog” or “Turtle Pope” for the turtle Miriel. Players will likely continue to refer to these springhares as “rabbits” as this knowledge may not yet be ubiquitous. Springhares are also not common to all locations or biomes in Ring of Eldenlet alone non-fictional geography, and can be easily overlooked when gigantic, macabre crows and dogs are found in the midst of players.

Ring of Elden is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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