Drug Dealer’s Expensive Mixture of Rabbit Food in Guernsey


The drug addicts began to harass Linda Danga when they discovered that their hiding place was likely from the local pet store rather than the back streets of London or Amsterdam.

But soon after showing up at the police station to report the threats, the 21-year-old was arrested for attempting to supply a Class B drug. His supplier, Ben Jackson, 25, was also arrested. stopped.

Upon conviction at the Guernsey Royal Court, Judge Russell Finch said: “We find the facts bizarre.”

The court heard that Danga bought Jackson seven grams of rabbit food, believing it to be cannabis, for a total of £ 210.

She then resold it – still believing it was drugs. Soon after, his clients began to utter violent threats against Danga and his family.

Lawyer Samuel Steel, representing Danga, said the phone call he received after his client showed up at the police station was “unlike anything I have received before or since”.

The lawyer said Danga went to the station “without invitation or remorse” and added: “Without her going to the police station, we would not be here today”.

Jackson, from St Sampson’s Parish, admitted to offering to provide cannabis to another, while Danga, from St Peter Port, admitted to attempting to provide the Class B substance.

Both were sentenced to 180 hours of community service.

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