Dandy & Randy DX search for treasure, evil, in a new game now available:

I may have found the fluffiest, cutest, silliest troublemakers ever. No, I’m not talking about the Ewoks (post “May the 4and be with you” pun). Allow me to introduce Dandy and Randy, who, in the words of the developers Asteristic Game Studio, are “two of the worst archaeologists to ever grace the Earth”. This rabbit and duck duo are the main characters in the publisher’s latest game Ratalaika Games SL: Dandy & Randy DX.

Ratalaika has had a slew of fantastic titles lately, including 6 souls, which we reviewed in November. Their games have a retro feel that is both old and new. And it looks like Dandy & Randy DX follow this same pattern.

Top-down retro-styled gameplay harkens back to the original The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros.. Dandy (the pink duck) and Randy (the blue rabbit) used to be rich, but aren’t anymore, and must recover their riches through a treasure hunt! The bank demands it. Of course, the road to riches must involve puzzles and hidden treasures. Together they travel through a number of locations, brightly colored and littered with bizarre enemies.

Explore all areas of the island in search of treasure. Credit: Artistic Game Studio

Imagine if Ash had a wicked trippy dream? You have a small idea of ​​what Dandy and Randy must face. It seems like a fun and family game. So grab a friend or play alone. Dandy & Randy DX has unique, local multiplayer co-op. Right from the launch trailer, the gameplay allows both to be on screen at the same time.

The game was released on April 29 on all major platforms. At present, you can enter the version you want for $5.99.

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Raymond I. Langston