Bunny Glenn Close boiler digs into rabbit food in bizarre talk show contest

Bunny Glenn Close boiler digs into rabbit food in bizarre talk show contest

Glenn Close’s talent knows no bounds.

The famous Hollywood actress stuffed handfuls of miniature carrots into her mouth during a bizarre challenge on the American TV show Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

The 62-year-old began by explaining how her daughter Annie managed to put 42 carrots in her mouth in an impromptu competition at a family reunion.

Party Tip: Playful Glenn Close Stuffed Miniature Carrots In Her Mouth During Late Night Challenge With Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy said, “I have to come to a party at your place, that’s great.”

He then challenged the Fatal Attraction star, who played the role of notorious boiling rabbit stalker Alex Forrest, to a competition involving live-on-air rabbit food.

Glenn approached the task with enthusiasm and shoveled over a dozen small vegetables in his mouth.

Glenn Close

Family talent: Glenn revealed his daughter had already managed to put 42 miniature carrots in her mouth

Glenn Close

Hunger strike: Jimmy challenged the actress to the contest she won with surprising ease

Fatal attraction

Bunny Boiler: Glenn with Michael Douglas in Fatal Attraction 1987

Jimmy only managed to get in for seven before he burst out laughing.

She then did her best to carefully throw the carrots into a bin before the interview was over.

Glenn was on the show promoting the American Series Finale of his Peak Damages program.

She plays the Machiavellian lawyer Patty Hewes alongside a debauched Ted Danson as general manager Arthur Frobisher.

The show, now in its second series, garnered critical acclaim and last year won three coveted Emmy Awards, including Most Outstanding Drama Series.

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