Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House


After Bray Wyatt’s return to WWE Extreme Rules, several superstars are linked to characters from Firefly Fun House or Wyatt 6. The supposed faction will be handled by Wyatt while the superstars will feature real-life versions of the puppets in the Fun House.

This is a unique opportunity for WWE to continue with its previous plans for the Bray Wyatt character. Since The Undertaker’s retirement, the promotion has lacked the supernatural element it’s renowned for. The Firefly Fun House project could be their solution.

The euphoria among younger and more mature audiences is palpable. Discussions of superstar traits that resemble Firefly Fun House characters have led to a lot of fan theories and wild speculation. However, there are some superstars for whom being part of this new faction may be out of the question.

On this list, we’ll be looking at five superstars who shouldn’t be tied to Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House.

#5. elias

The Vagabond
The Vagabond

Elias has been out of action for a while now. His last in-ring performance was against Kevin Owens in August. Since then, WWE has dropped the character of Ezekiel, focusing primarily on his original persona.

Bray Wyatt recently returned to WWE. Coincidentally, Elias is set to return to the next episode of RAW. Fans believe the company is planning a connection between Wyatt and Elias in the coming week, but the theory is long. The two superstars have little to no history between them.

Elias succeeded with his drifter gimmick. It will be difficult for him to upgrade to Wyatt 6, which is apparently a darker take on the Firefly Fun House. The four-time champion might struggle to embody such a character as he has no prior experience with a dark gadget. WWE probably won’t take such a big risk.

#4. Scarlett

Karrion Kross’ partner, Scarlett’s name has been thrown around several times for the role of Abby the Witch. His demeanor and personality match that of a supernatural character and the same is reflected in his entries with The TollMan.

However, Scarlett’s move to Bray Wyatt’s faction could spoil the company’s future plans. WWE is cementing Kross as the “doombringer” of Roman Reigns’ reign and a sudden breakup with Scarlett will only derail him from his path. Triple H can’t afford a Karrion Kross vs. Bray Wyatt storyline because a loss to either “returning superstar” would spell disaster for their prestige.

Scarlett’s presence also gives Kross the shock factor he’s known for. His occasional intervention is vital to his victories. Without her, The Doom Walker would be easy prey for Roman Reigns and The Bloodline.

#3. Karrion Kross

The herald of the end of the world
The herald of the end of the world

Bray Wyatt and Karrion Kross have a deep friendship. The two gloated over each other’s return and even teased a fight in the future. Kross is also a favorite to join the Firefly Fun House, but WWE may not run him that way.

Karrion Kross joining Bray Wyatt in the Firefly Fun House will only slow his hustle to dethrone Roman Reigns. He’s fresh off a win over Drew McIntyre and should keep his momentum going.

#2. Braun Strowman

The monster of all monsters
The monster of all monsters

The black sheep of the Wyatt Family returned just a month before Bray made his return to WWE. This led to speculation as to whether the two would have a reunion on SmackDown as part of the Wyatts or if Braun would join the Firefly Fun House.

WWE fans see Strowman as the perfect candidate to play the role of Huskus the Pig. However, the former Universal Champion is doing well in his role as the monster of all monsters. He could continue to wreak havoc on his opponents and eventually get a shot at the head of the table.

Hey @CWrestlingUK I have a theory about who the man behind Huskus might be. i think it’s joe gacy, because gacy and huskus have the same color eyes👀👀

Rumors of Joe Gacy as Huskus and Dexter Lumis as Mercy The Buzzard have also exhausted speculation about Braun Strowman’s involvement in the Firefly Fun House.

#1. Bray Wyatt’s Former WWE Firefly Fun House Member – Alexa Bliss

Did the couple finally break up?
Did the couple finally break up?

Prior to The Fiend’s arrival at Extreme Rules, many clues regarding the White Rabbit referred to Alexa Bliss. Bray Wyatt’s former partner was the center of attention during the whole mystery. A reunion between the supernatural duo is expected, but the storyline may not pan out.

WWE ended the pair of Alexa Bliss and Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 37. WWE’s Wicked Witch betrayed The Fiend during his match against Randy Orton and since then the two have gone their separate ways. It would take quite a bit of script development to bring them together. Additionally, WWE may have other potential options for the Wyatt 6 instead of Bliss.

Wyatt’s Predictions 6:1) Cult Leader: Bray Wyatt2) Demon: Bray Wyatt3) Abby the Witch: Liv Morgan4) Mercy the Hawk: Dexter Lumis5) Ramblin’ Rabbit: Bo Dallas6) Huskus the Pig: Joe Gacy

Liv Morgan and Nikki ASH are viable candidates to play Abby the Witch. The former SmackDown Women’s Champion, in particular, has been “in a dark place” since her recent loss to Ronda Rousey. Meanwhile, Alexa Bliss can return to her legendary “goddess” persona with a twist of Queen Bliss persona.

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