Beyond Rabbit Food: Investigating the Salad Scene

When summer begins, many palates begin to crave lighter meals filled with seasonal vegetables and fruits. However, you don’t have to stick to the basic garden sides and classic Caesar. Local chefs create colorful and flavorful salads. In a region filled with intriguing options that seem to constantly change based on what’s fresh and available, restaurants are adding excitement to healthy eating.

365 Broadway, Saratoga Springs;

Morrissey’s at the Adelphi Hotel, overseen by celebrity chef David Burke, offers a brunch menu filled with items like Burke’s clothesline bacon hanging on a string, and lobster balls with nori, Toasted sesame seeds and a scallion and ginger sauce. Another winner is Morrissey’s burrata salad. The cheese has a solid outer shell of fresh mozzarella, while the inside is creamy, milky, and soft. It’s forgiving, creating a rich sauce for the current version with asparagus, heirloom tomatoes, and sweet watermelon. The outfits change. When I dined at Morrissey’s, the burrata was served on a bed of peppery arugula with crunchy carrot chips and crisp, tangy pomegranate seeds.

Dove + Deer

32 Dove Street, Albany;

In the Dove + Deer Raw Fennel and Kohlrabi Salad, the greens have a thick cabbage-like texture, with hints of licorice from fresh fennel and a hint of black pepper from kohlrabi. Starting from this unusual base, the chef spices up the salad with radish, pink grapefruit and lemon-Dijon vinaigrette, and finishes the dish with ricotta salata, adding a salty flavor and a silky, creamy texture.


13 Scribner Hollow Road, Hunter;

Prospect’s delicious and healthy options, including blistered shishitos – also known as Russian roulette peppers, as some are extremely spicy while others have no heat at all – served with sea salt and a squeeze of lime. Among Prospect’s rotating specialties are light selections like crudo or a slightly bitter radicchio salad with labne (strained yogurt), apricot and pistachio. Currently the main salad option is Little Gem Lettuce with a sweet and crunchy flavor, topped with sunflower seeds for texture and a creamy artichoke dressing.

Lost and Found Bar and Kitchen

942 Broadway, Albany;

Lost & Found Bar & Kitchen knows how to create an interesting combination. Its goat cheese salad is served on a bed of greenery topped with a tangy lime and black pepper vinaigrette. Once the vegetables are lightly coated in the dressing, the salad is topped with sweet candied walnuts, a variety of fresh berries, and tangy fried goat cheese. Previously, the salad contrasted fried goat cheese with pickled pears, demonstrating that the kitchen likes to experiment with ingredients to accompany the cheese.

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