All PS1 and PSP games are coming to PS Plus Premium

Despite recent revelations regarding new pricing and tier systems, much has remained a mystery regarding Sony’s incoming redesign of its PlayStation Plus subscription service. Sony recently revealed that its game subscription services, PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, will merge in June to become three separate tiers of a new PlayStation Plus service: PlayStation Plus Essential, PlayStation Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Premium.


The most eye-catching of the three tiers is PlayStation Plus Premium, which is supposed to feature a catalog of classic titles from the original PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation 3 (via cloud streaming.) There’s been a lot of talk surrounding what titles might be coming to the service at launch, and now Sony has revealed which PS1 and PSP games will be introduced at launch.

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Monkey Escape (PS1)

The game that introduced the world to the DualShock, Monkey Escape will be one of the first titles to join Sony’s PlayStation Plus Premium service when it launches on June 13. This 3D platformer follows a young boy named Spike, as he travels to different worlds to capture monkeys possessed by an evil rewrite time monkey. While it received a remake on the PSP in 2005, Sony has made it clear that the original 1999 PS1 version will be the title PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers will have access to on Day 1. The game’s 2002 PlayStation 2 sequel will be also included in the PS2 Classics range.

Hot Shots Golf (PS1)

Golf Hot Shotsknown as Everyone’s Golf outside of North America, is another iconic game from PlayStation’s premier lineup. The game was developed by Camelot Software Planning, the studio that would later develop the Mario Golf, Mario Tennisand golden sun franchisees. Golf Hot Shots released in Japan in 1997, with North American and European releases coming in 1998. This series has continued to have an iconic legacy among PlayStation franchises, primarily for introducing the likes of God of the war‘s Kratos as guest characters in later games. A PlayStation 4 entry was released in 2017.

IQ Intelligence Qube (PS1)

IQ Intelligence Qube is one of the more bizarre inclusions among the first-party picks, and a reminder of the breadth of weird games Sony released over the lifecycle of its first console. IQ is a puzzle game in the same vein as games like Tetris, where players must set traps to clear rows of cubes in order to progress to the end of a level. In one look, Intelligence QubeThe gameplay of can be hard to grasp, but players can quickly fall into a trance-like state with this addictive puzzle game that will make a nice addition to the PlayStation Plus Premium library.

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Jumping Flash! (PS1)

One of the most iconic launch titles from the original PlayStation, Jumping Flash is one of the first attempts at a 3D platformer, released well over a year before Super Mario 64 in April 1995. Jumping Flash is a 3D first-person platformer co-developed by Exact and Ultra, two now-defunct studios, and published by Sony Computer Entertainment itself.

The game follows a robot bunny named Robbit as he jumps around different worlds collecting scattered jet pods. The game is unique for being a 3D platformer packed in a first-person perspective, which makes the game so polarizing to play these days. Either way, it’s a very important part of PlayStation’s history as one of the very first video games ever released by Sony, making it a compelling choice for the PlayStation lineup. More premium.

Mr. Driller (PS1)

The first of the third-party picks to appear on this list, Mr. Driller is a series of puzzles from Pac man developer Namco and one of the biggest puzzle games to come out for the PS1. While the game went on to inspire a series and received ports on numerous consoles, this original PS1 release is arguably the most popular release and even made its way to the PlayStation Classic in 2018.

Siphon filter (PS1)

One of PlayStation’s most beloved inactive franchises, Bend Studio’s siphon filter will debut on PS4 and PS5 via the PS Plus Premium port of the PS1 original. Inspired by games like GoldenEye 007 and Solid metal gear, siphon filter follows Special Agents Gabe Logan and Lian Xiao as they are tasked with apprehending a German terrorist, as part of a mission for the United States government.

To date, the siphon filter receives an outpouring of support from PlayStation fans around the world. It’s hard to underestimate the impact this PS1 original had on the future of PlayStation when it was released, blending cinematic storytelling with high-quality third-person action gameplay.

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Super Stardust Portable (PSP)

The only PSP game to feature in the launch lineup, Portable Super Stardust comes from Sony’s Housemarque; the studio behind the PS5’s incredible hit action game Returnand the PS4 launch title Resogun. Portable Super Stardust is exactly what fans have come to expect from Housemarque; Addictive action arcade gameplay. Portable Super Stardust is the PSP port of Super Stardust HDa shooter that received a native PS4 port in the form of Super Stardust Ultra. This inclusion in the PS Plus Premium launch lineup is somewhat confusing, however, this version will still be available to fans.

Tekken 2 (PS1)

Another third party game from Bandai Namco, tekken 2 is the second entry in the now iconic fighting game series released for PS1 in 1995. While tekken 3 is arguably the most beloved entry that introduced the characters and fans of the story have come to love, tekken 2 is still a trainer fighting game worth experiencing. The second entry still remains an important part of PlayStation history.

Worms Armageddon and Worms World Party (PS1)

To Armageddon and world worm festival are the latest of the titles to join Sony’s PlayStation Plus Premium service at launch. From British studio Team17, these turn-based strategy games are the third and fourth respective entries in the long-running series. Toward series. While world worm festival is its sequel, To Armageddon is the more beloved of the two titles.

To Armageddon is often considered the best game in the series, as many credit it with perfecting the series’ turn-based strategy gameplay and featured an excellent single-player campaign. Newcomers to the series are in for the best of both worlds as both titles will be available on the PS Plus Premium Classic Games Library when they launch in June.

PlayStation Plus Premium will launch on June 13, 2022 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in North America.

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