All of Waddle Dee’s hidden locations in Invasion at the House of Horrors in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Kirby and the Waddle Dees of Forgotten Land are similar to the stars or moons featured in Super Mario 64 and Odyssey respectively. You’ll need to find a certain number of them to progress through the game, and you can unlock new in-game features, such as upgrades for Waddle Dee Town, by saving as many Waddle Dees as you can.

In the game’s third main world, Wondaria Remains, you’ll explore the ruins of an abandoned amusement park, which fittingly includes a haunted house. Here’s where to find every hidden Waddle Dee in Invasion at the House of Horrors.

Hidden Waddle Dee #1

At the start of the level, you’ll find these large cardboard cutouts of three-eyed monsters that will sometimes appear on you. Shortly after passing a large enemy rabbit, two of them will appear at once.

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Wait for them to disappear and you should see a Star Gate in front of you. Instead of going through the door, look to your right and there will be a narrow hidden path to follow.

Kirby looks down a hidden path to his right
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Here you will see a floating box with an image on it. The image alternates between a Gordo and a Waddle Dee every few seconds. Make sure to hit the box while a Waddle Dee is depicted, and you’ll save the first hidden Waddle Dee.

Hidden Waddle Dee #2

After inhaling an ampule, you’ll need to cross a series of narrow platforms in a dimly lit area. At some point in this section, just before you get to a charging station, you should see a set of three-tiered platforms with an energy drink at the top.

Kirby finds an energy drink on top of a platform
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Take the energy drink and you should see another platform for you to jump on. Go here and you will come across a Star Gate.

Kirby prepares to enter through a door
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Through the door you’ll find a cutter ability, two enemies, and a box identical to the one you had to hit to catch the first Waddle Dee. As before, you will need to press the square when a Waddle Dee is depicted there. However, you won’t be able to hit the box directly this time, as the area around it is fenced off except for a small hole that only your cutting projectile can pass through. You will need to use the cutter’s special ability to hit it.

Start by throwing a blade through the small opening. After launching your projectile, hold down the “B” button to force it to stay in place.

Kirby throws a blade that stays suspended in the air
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While holding “B”, run to the area to the left of the box. Wait for the Waddle Dee to appear on the box, then release the “B” button. The blade will come straight at you, hitting the box on the way, and you can grab the second Waddle Dee.

Kirby stands to the left of a box while his blade remains suspended in the air
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Hidden Waddle Dee #3

Almost immediately after getting the previous Waddle Dee, you’ll climb up a set of platforms leading to a star door. Instead of going through the door, look to your right to find a hidden area.

Kirby lights the way, revealing a hidden path
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Inside this area is a charging station. Simply charge it using the Light-Bulb Mouth form’s Illuminate ability and you’ll release the third Waddle Dee.

Hidden Waddle Dee #4

At the end of the stage, you’ll suck up a vending machine and board two moving platforms that will take you to the end of the level. You will pass the last Waddle Dee on the second moving platform. It’ll be on the left side, just past a set of three cardboard monsters that you can destroy with soda cans.

Kirby destroys three cardboard monsters revealing a Waddle Dee
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