A giant seagull terrorizes dogs by stealing their toys and drinking their water


The seagull, named Cedric by annoyed locals in Sandown, Isle of Wight, claims the pesky bird steals dogs’ toys and even knocks over puppies’ water bowls.

Cedric the seagull has wreaked havoc on an Isle of Wight family

A massive dog-bullying seagull terrorizes neighborhood pets and wreaks havoc in backyards.

The menacing seagull – named Cédric by weary locals – preys on a border terrier, steals his squeaky toys and attacks his water bowl in his garden.

His reign of terror over the family has left them in need of help with the bird known to ‘tease’ animals as they peek behind patio doors.

Cedric flies to Sandown Garden on the Isle of Wight every day, drinks from Peg’s water bowl, then returns it.

Peg takes her toys outside with her but often forgets to bring them back inside, giving Cedric the perfect opportunity to dive in and steal them around the garden.

The bird steals toys and flips water bowls


Solent News & Photo Agency)

Peg is fed up with harassment – and so are her owners


Solent News & Photo Agency)

During the month-long harassment, owner Mark Tutton saw the seagull steal stuffed animals and balls and several of Peg’s squeaky toys.

The mischievous bird also raided Mr Tutton’s garden, with flowers torn from pots and painted stones also being stolen.

15-week-old Peg now keeps her toys by her bed, and if she hears the dreaded name ‘Cedric’ her ears perk up.

Mr Tutton, a 60-year-old builder, said: “This all started last month, Cedric has been hanging around for ages but only recently started doing it.

“A neighbor has started calling him Cedric. They have a few bird feeders in their garden, so he is fed there every day and then comes to our garden.

The month-long reign of terror is still not over


Solent News & Photo Agency)

“He comes into the garden, drinks a drink from Peg’s bowl, then knocks it over.

“We know it has been because either we hear the bowl going everywhere or we go out and find a big wet area.

“He also comes to peck the patio door, he’ll come after he spills the water and look at Peg – it’s like he’s teasing her.

“When he walks up to the patio door, he looks bigger than Peg.

“Peg started reacting when Cedric was standing at the window and will go to the patio doors and stare at him like a hawk.

“She’s not chasing him, she’s just looking at him through the door. Then every time we open the door, he flies away.

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“If Cedric sees something colorful in the garden, he’ll come down and grab it. He took his toys – he picked up the squeaky chicken toy and flew to the roof next door squeaking it.

“He flies off with his toys and people have told us they’ve seen him drop them off on the main road.

“Peg has a few favorite toys like her stuffed animals that go to her bed every night, so we make sure she doesn’t take them outside.

“We go there sometimes and we know that Cédric went there because all the flowers in the pots were torn out.

“We even had painted stones in the garden and he flew off with those. I’m scared to think what would happen if he dropped one on someone’s head or in the veranda .”

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