29 Homemade Sex Toys That Will Make You Better Than Any Of Your Exes


TBH, this might be the squishiest toy I’ve ever handled. It’s elegantly curved and looks a bit like a vagina, so all you have to do is bend it and insert it. It’s designed to help enhance clitoral sensation, deliver deeper internal stimulation, and it even has a slightly flared base for discreet wear and effortless retrieval.

To note: These plugs are intended for vaginal use only and are not recommended for anal use. Check out the following link in case you want to explore anal toys created with the same squishy silicone (these have a flared base for added safety).

Promising reviews: “I just bought it with the Tango X after getting fed up with my bunny vibe being too uncomfortable to sit in between orgasms. I’m 30, have never been sexually active with a partner for various grounds and sex toys is something I have only recently started to enjoy as I become more comfortable with intimacy and learning about my own body before trying to share it with others. so as a newbie and for that this plug is amazing I am not able to handle anything big but the softness of this silicone is no joke – even the small one was a bit intimidating to me, but it just popped up, and I can barely feel it when I’m not playing – the most noticeable part is definitely the base, and even then it’s not unpleasantly noticeable. This acts as a major clitoral orgasm enhancement for me, it’s like blended orgasms without all the effort and buildup that these normally take. And it’s also a lot of fun in itself! —Kat

“I find myself very surprised, in a good way. This toy impressed me so much that I had to leave a review, which I never did on this site! It’s a nice little thing to leave for about an hour and tease yourself before a real fuck. I used the size small because too big can be a bit painful for me. It also stretched me out a bit, so I probably would have been comfortable taking a size that would normally be too big for me. Left me dripping. Excellent in every way!” -Lesbian

Get it at Peepshow Toys for $42+ (available in four sizes and four colors).

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