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Do you remember the feeling of opening a coveted new toy on Christmas morning? Whether it’s a doll that can eat and cry or a robot that can repeat your words, some of these innovative toys were considered cutting edge upon their release. But, as more advanced toys come out each year, once-popular toys are being discontinued – like these Happy Meal Toys We’ll Never Forget.

To compile a list of classic toys that are no longer produced but that you can still find if you search hard enough (on sites like eBay, for example), 24/7 Tempo reviewed material on sites whose Fort National Game Museum and Vintage doll repair, as well as other sources. We used editorial discretion to choose dolls and other toys that were popular items in their day and may still be available on e-commerce sites.

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From early 20th century mechanical assembly sets to 1960s clackers to early 2000s pet robots, these toys were once all the rage. Some were battery-operated learning toys, while others were exercise toys that encouraged children to move. Many of these classic toys were dolls with a twist, whether it was hair that could “grow out” or secret compartments filled with stickers.

Most were discontinued due to declining sales, but some were purchased by other companies or enjoyed multiple production runs. A few have been recalled due to safety concerns. Although their prevalence has faded, die-hard fans can still find these vintage items for sale online, sometimes used and sometimes in pristine packaging.

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