10 great video game remakes coming to Nintendo Switch


Preservation is a big issue in the video game industry. Old game consoles are hard to buy, and old cartridges and discs are prone to rotting and breaking down. Remakes and remasters pave the way for the preservation of these old games, and the Nintendo Switch has a ton of exciting remakes in the not-too-distant future.

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In February’s Nintendo Direct, a lot of great games were announced. Among the big new titles were also plenty of games returning from the 90s for the first time, some of which weren’t even available on a Nintendo console originally.


Advance Wars 1+2: Reboot Camp

Two men and a girl stand and watch in Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp

Originally slated for release last year, the return of the Advanced Wars the franchise has been a long time coming. Advance Wars 1+2: Reboot Camp is a remake of the original Gameboy Advance games. the wars the series rubs shoulders fire emblem than Intelligent Systems’ strategy games. Like this series, it has its roots in the original Japanese NES.

the wars The games have been loved by fans for their hard-hitting strategic combat. contrary to fire emblem, which heavily penalizes character death, troops in Wars are much more disposable. The characters in Advanced Wars are as loved as anyone fire emblem character, however. Fans are excited to see these characters with voice acting for the first time on April 8.

Mission before 1st

An enemy unit is attacking a robot player in Front Mission 1st.

One of the most unexpected awakenings was Mission before 1st. It seems that with the success of Final Fantasy VII Remake Square-Enix is ​​remastering much of its backlog. There are several games on this list of them. but the return of mission before series is certainly a pleasant surprise.

This strategy RPG started out on the SNES but is best known from the original Playstation. It was praised for its mechanical combat with the unique ability to target any part of enemies. The Series and FromSoftware’s armored core were considered the go-to mech franchise in the 90s. While fans are excited to 1stthe announcement of the generally most popular 2nd the remake is more exciting.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Prince of Persia The Sands of Time Remake Release Date April 2022

Another franchise that fans have been waiting for to return is Prince of Persia. The ’80s originals set a precedent for animation in games. Entries from the 2000s also went a long way in explaining how fluid motion should work in 3D games.

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sands of time was definitely the flagship title of this period, with its time manipulation mechanics. But also the way the Prince moved later inspired the way Assassin’s Creed did his parkour. A remake/remaster has been announced for a while now, but fan reaction to its look seems to have sent it back into development. Hopefully the remake will be as good as the original.

.hack//GU last recode

Character with a gold stream connecting their chest and shining from .hack//GU

.To hack is an RPG series from Bandai-Namco that takes place in a video game. It predates the Sword Art Online series and is praised for its intricate global construction. The most recent entry, .hack//GU Last SavedIt’s coming to Nintendo Switch in March 2022. This will mark the series’ first European release.

Last recoding contains the first three .hack//GU games that were originally released for Playstation 2, but this edition also adds additional content. It rebalances combat and adds quality of life features to make the game easier for newcomers.

Pac-Man+ Museum

Pac-Man hangs out in an arcade with his games everywhere.

Pac-Man is one of gaming’s most enduring mascots. The simple maze-navigation gameplay was good enough that the Pac man The series has seen several console releases. Pac-Man Museum from 2014 aimed to be a big compilation for the character. His next sequel, Pac-Man Museum + seems like an even more exciting product.

The game is an arcade simulator that allows players to try out fourteen different games Pac man Games. The framing device allows gamers to relive the glory days of the arcade and also helps justify certain quality of life features in certain games. Games featured include classics like the original and obscure games like Pac-Motosand even the recent Pacman 256.

KLONOA Fantasy Reverie Series

Klonoa Fantasy Reverie key art shows art from the first two games.

Klonoa was a platform series created by Bandai-Namco. Despite good reviews, the series never had outstanding success and its sequels only had a limited release. As a result, Klonoa is one of the Bandai-Namco game fans most eager to see a revival.

Klonoa Fantasy Reverie is the comeback fans have been hoping for. The bunny-like character explores various dream worlds with wind powers. The collection includes the first game, which told the origin story, and the second, which introduced the rest of by Klonoa supporting cast.

live alive

The key art of the Live A Live remake has a bunch of protagonists.

live alive is a classic JRPG, and one of many great games that have never been localized. The game was the spiritual predecessor of the beloved the trigger of a stopwatch, sharing many personalities and themes. As Chrono trigger it takes place in many different eras, but instead of time travel live alive is a generational saga.

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The game features eight playable characters, each with unique gameplay and plot. It ranges from caveman to the Wild West, to the robot of the future, to professional wrestling. But it’s the player’s job to find the one thing that ties them all together. This classic finally gets a remake and it comes out later this year.

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition

Movie-related games get a bad rap, but sometimes games really stand out. The 90s PC adventure game based on blade runner is one of those games. The game was praised for capturing the vibe of the original film, but unfortunately legal issues prevented it from being re-released until 2019.

Luckily, the game is being remade for all modern platforms by Nightdive Studios. Players will soon be able to experience the games cyberpunk aesthetic and a real-time 3D world full of things to explore. It’s been delayed due to technical issues, but hopefully fans won’t have to wait much longer.

Capcom Battle Collection

Capcom Fighting Collection key art shows tons of classic Capcom characters.

Capcom is well known for its extensive arcade library, especially its release of fighting games. However, many of these games were never released outside of arcades. At least before the recent Capcom Battle Collection, which aims to bring these classics to modern gaming. These are not just ports, but full remasters with new features like online mode and training mode.

The game will contain ten different fighting games, including the set Dark Stalkers series, Capcom’s monster-themed fighter. Street Fighter II and the puzzle fighter spin-offs are of course also making an appearance. But the real surprises are Red earth and Cyberbotsthat have never been worn before.

Chrono Cross: Radical Dreamers Edition

Promotional art for the Chrono Cross remaster featuring Serge and Kid sailing the sea

Chrono Cross is the sequel to the beloved SNES RPG the trigger of a stopwatch and while not as beloved, it’s still a fan favorite. The game takes the scale of the original and expands it dramatically. While the original had many different eras to go through, this game focuses more on a wide variety of party members and two extremely detailed alternate timelines. The game is finally getting the remaster it deserves coming to Switch soon.

The remaster will include many quality of life features such as the ability to skip battles and a remastered soundtrack. But the most exciting thing is the complete translation of Radical dreamers. Radical dreamers was the inter-what between Trigger and To cross which was only released in Japan and laid the plans for this adventure. Experiencing a revamped classic and an all-new adventure makes this one of the most exciting remasters to come.

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