If you are looking for reliable Financial Credit Institutions loans and are concerned about transparency and flexibility, you have come to the right place. Spin Lender acts completely legally and transparently, signing all our loans before a notary and having behind them more than 8 years of experience in the private loan market.

Our operations completely separate us from the vulture companies that offer quick money without questions but in return demand astronomical interests. We offer loans with reliable, flexible Financial Credit Institutions and with all the guarantees established by law.

Reliable Financial Credit Institutions loans from Spin Lender

Reliable Financial Credit Institutions loans from Spin Lender

We respond to all our requests in less than 24 hours and we carry out the feasibility study in less than 72 hours.

If the client gives us the required documentation within the established deadlines, the opening study process is quite fast, and we only have to wait the time established by law to deliver the money *.

* The entry into force of the new mortgage law in 2019 requires that 10 days must be waited from the time the notary receives the documentation related to the loan until the money is delivered. In the case of those loans signed in Catalonia, that period is 14 days.

Conditions of access to our loans with reliable Financial Credit Institutions

Conditions of access to our loans with reliable Financial Credit Institutions

Spin Lender simplifies to the maximum the conditions and requirements of access to our financing lines with respect to what a bank demands and requests. With us it is only necessary to meet two requirements, which we will see below.

Guarantee the credit through a property

Spin Lender and its private lenders do not give money if they do not have a guarantee to guarantee it.  All of our loans are mortgage-backed, which means that the applicant must have real estate property. They are men so that we can begin the study process.

A simple note from the Land Registry showing the owner’s name and its details will suffice.  We accept real estate of any type and nature, even if they have economic charges in your name.

Request a minimum of $ 20,000

Opening financing lines for small amounts (such as $ 300 or $ 1000) is economically unfeasible.

Instead we prefer to have a team of advisers and experts in the credit market who can study each one of the requests in a conscientious way and continue opening financing channels that are profitable for both parties.

With this minimum amount we achieve two things:

  1. Keep the interest rate in a very low range compared to the competition: all our loans have an interest rate that ranges between 9% and 12%
  2. To ensure that the applicant does not have to advance any expense: the expenses generated during the study and opening periods are advanced by Spin Lender and are prorated within the same loan.

Flexibility to repay your loans with reliable Financial Credit Institutions

Flexibility to repay your loans with reliable Financial Credit Institutions

In addition to signing the loan before a notary, we are totally flexible and transparent so that the applicant can return the money.

It is never nice to have to execute any collateral, apart from being a complex process both administratively and humanly.

For this reason, the applicant chooses how he wants to repay his loan, so that he can repay the money in the most comfortable way:

  • You can choose the duration of the loan, from 1 to 10 years
  • You can choose how you want to repay your loan, through French or American amortization
  • You can choose the recurrence and frequency of payments, monthly, quarterly or semi-annually
  • We can grant grace periods and modify the return conditions over time