Hair Follicle Drug Test – A Few Things You Might Not Have Known

Hair Follicle Drug Test

Hair Follicle Drug Test is a growing but still somewhat unknown medication testing process. People have questions all of the time about it, so we decided to make a guide to the main facets of this home drug evaluation process.

First of all, You’re going to need a Fairly specific Amount of hair. At least 90 to 120 strands must be collected for submission, and whether the hair is short or fine, collect a bit more.

Secondly, Where you collect your hair is crucial. You must collect it from the entire scalp – you can’t simply snip off the ends the hair. Although it takes some time to reach this point, drugs become harder to detect as the hair grows out and develops older. And it is also important to give the hair drug test lab a consistent starting point to use. That point is a week until the hair has been cut – it takes approximately a week for hair or without medication to grow out long enough to be cut and then analyzed.
Is that every half inch of hair that you provide represents about a month. Ideally, you would like to deliver an inch and a half of hair which will provide you a 90 day drug history. Do not, however, shorten the hair from another end for that reason. Your hair drug test will specifically inform you how to collect the hair.

You may also not Have known that the hair sample employed in a hair drug test is pulverized by the laboratory. Any accredited lab will use this process to decide whether drugs are present in your hair.

Now a question frequently asked is can I use hair I collect from a hairbrush for the own hair follicle drug test? The solution is no, for a couple of reasons. One, you can’t always make sure that all the hair around the brush is in the same person. Two, when you publish a hair sample for your own hair drug test, all the hair has to be organized the same way. Each of the origin ends must be together for your submission to be successfully analyzed. Last, you might not know how old the hair is about the hairbrush, and end up mixing hair that’s a year old with hair that’s from this week. The ethics of this hair drug test will deteriorate.

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The last area of interest I Wish to address Is body hair. Some tests take body hair, others don’t, so you must consult the manufacturer or store to learn. If body hair can be examined by your house drug test hair loss kit, then you’re going to be able to find out a longer medication background than you can with hair.

Hair Drug testing offers a lot of promise, as it is one of the only tests That can inform you such a long drug history. The Wonderful thing about the Home drug test market is that it supplies these tests to you without Needing to go to a lab yourself. The hair is processed by the same Accredited laboratories, hence the results are only as precise with the Home drug testing technique. Will be of help if you do so!

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